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Vehicle2008 it is a chain run type
MotorCyclone 900watts Brushless DC
brushless kit 900~1200watts. the kit is very good in torque, pick up 0km/hr ~ 40km/h in few seconds.The maximum speed is 63km/h.The pick up Is the same like those 200cc scooter.
Controller headlines
Batteries5, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
The SLR a batteries is cheapest type. Using a 5x 12volt of 12hr power can electric the bike range 30km. after the 30km it is weak and need to recharged. i have tested the range is accurate
Charger Sound tech
Sound tech 10amper charger 24volt. well it can charge a 24volt in 1hr time. I used 2 hrs to full charged my batteries. if I have gone a very long range of riding.
Top Speed39 MPH (62 KPH)
top speed is fast. I think speed going at 40~50km/h is good enough. Very safe for bicycle braking. It can do great e-stop and stability.
Range18 Miles (28 Kilometers)
a fully charged 12volt x 2 x 2 of a 48volt can ride me 18miles.
EV Miles
Current:2,500 Miles (4,022 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 person
Curb Weight0
30kg~ 40kg. total with the 5 slr batteries.
Tires1.5inch type or slightly bigger ones.
Conversion Time3hrs only. Not very difficult one. it fits the bike very wells till now.
Conversion Costsg850.00 including shipping to singapore. charger 10amper 24volts sell here SG142.00 as for the plywood battery holder is bit tough. Needto saw and drill. the whole thing is about enjoy and fun.
Additional Featurespowerful torque for the 900~ 1200watts kit. okay 20km ~ 30km range The controller, and everythings can be replace and repair. every parts can be requested for a purchase. that is certainly the best manufacturer. so there is no worry if the parts is wear and tear. I can send them for a repair order a part. so Things still get moving.
it is very good buy ebike. www.flickr.com/photos/kentlim26
the bike gives a very powerful torque. I think it can easily conquer any hills and steep hills. Seriously, try out the 3freewheel. Scramble up the whole bike up the hills.. On the slop or a hill say 20degree slop, this ebike can go at 40km/h, that is too Awesome For me. legs power can only go at 10km/h

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