Controller closeupStock Honda DreamReady to Buildalmost a finished project
OwnerJoe Murphy, Jr.
LocationBella Vista, Arkansas United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1967 Honda CA 160 Dream
Converted Honda Dream, this was the first motorcycle Honda imported into the the US.
MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek Permanent Magnet DC
48v Original from B&S
ControllerCurtis 1205-412
used - off old a club cart
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Walmart special baby 105 amp/hrs
System Voltage48 Volts
4 - 12amp smart chargers
Top Speed45 MPH (72 KPH)
things get a little scary at 45 because of the excess weight on such an old frame
RangeStill testing 30+ less with hills and such
EV Miles
Current:120 Miles (193 Kilometers)
    As of 10/31/2009
Curb Weight400 Pounds (181 Kilograms)
Not sure, its heavy
Conversion Timeall winter
Conversion Cost$1200ish

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