In The TrunkUnder The HoodGuage AssemblyMotor and Transmission Adapter PlateI pass all gas stations
OwnerRandy Baldridge
LocationSouth Shore, Kentucky United States map
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Vehicle1993 Toyota Tercel
100% electric designed for work commute of 25 miles round trip
MotorAdvanced DC 203-06-4001 Series Wound DC
Drivetrainmanual original transmission driven by an Advanced 203-06-4001 8" series wound DC motor
ControllerCurtis 1221c
72-120 volts
400 amps
Batteries16 Trojan T-105 Plus, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerQuick Charge 96 volt progammable
Three stage on board
Heater1500 watt ceramic core from $20 ceramic heater bought a Lowes. Using original Tercel blower and controls. I'm not satisfied with its output with fan above low speed. The higher the fan speed the heat gets wimpy. Plan to double stack another core in later. Hey, its summer right now !!!
InstrumentationPaktrakr 600, 12 volt gauge, 250 amp Westach gauge, Vacuum gauge for monitoring brake booster.

see photo
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
60 mph is as fast as I've reached in my test runs. I think above 60 mph might be there on an extremely long flat run. Also, My batteries are new and only have about 8 cycles of charge. So I think the best is yet to come.
Accelerationnever tested time frame to 55 mph since my main concern for this ride is a commuter for 40 to 55mph travel.
Range31 Miles (49 Kilometers)
Last trip was 31 miles with me and my wife. longest single trip so far. 99% of the trip was 50-55mph.Using a chart from Trojan my ending state of charge was 30% ( 93.9 pack volts at rest) According to individual battery volts via paktrakr metering I was at 30% state of charge by chart ( 5.9 volts avg. Paktrakr said I was at 0% ??? not sure whats going on there yet.
Watt Hours/Mile253 Wh/Mile
55 mph under load no coasting going on motor amps at avg 130-160. If I divide the volts times amps (96x145) by 55 miles per hour my Whr/mile should be the 253 I listed.
EV Miles
Start:137,166 Miles (220,700 Kilometers)
Current:137,656 Miles (221,488 Kilometers)
Total:490 Miles (788 Kilometers)
    As of 6/5/2009
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight1,950 Pounds (886 Kilograms)
1950lbs original curb weight. I estimated removing around 400lbs in ICE equipment. T-105 batteries come in at a rounded 63lbs each. 12 Trojans in the trunk and 4 under the hood plus a 12 volt for standard car needs, lights, horn, etc .
Conversion TimePicked up my glider ( car blown engine) July 21 2008. Started ordering parts around the 23rd. Maiden voyage 3/23/09. I didn't work this like a job or an obsession. A couple of hours here and there sometimes four or five and somestimes 30 to 45 minutes. Sorry, thats not much help of time envolved.
Conversion Cost93 Tercel- good friend " Wild Bill" passed that on to me. The price is between me and Bill. Don't want him taking any flak over the great deal he gave me.
Additional FeaturesBackup alarm via my wife!! She's pretty smart. It didn't take her long to notice how quite my EV was and the potential for disaster in a backing accident with two legged and four legged critters.

I have four batteries in the trunk that are difficult for me to check for water level. Plan to add a battery watering system for those four batteries in the next few weeks.

upgraded my rear coil over springs. Contacted some good people (785) 437-2025. Told them how much weight I was adding to the trunk and they worked it out and I'm quite satisfied $ 245.00

12 volt vacuum pump from e-bay for brake booster. Pulls 4 amps. And yes its quite noticable for about 15 seconds after I pump the brakes for a stop. With every thing else under the hood being dead quite even a criket chirp would be noticed :)

If you decide to add a watering system and have Trojan 105's be careful what you buy. If you have Trojans that have cell chambers diagonally across your battery you have a Trojan Pluss and it takes a different setup than the older straight in line cells type.

I see in alot of photos of EV's that the temperature sensor wiring of the motors has not been used. I hope everyone understands what those two little wires are that extend out of the motor housing. I hooked mine up so that if I do get a motor over temp my tercel stock engine trouble light on the dash comes on. I should hook up something audible too just in case my eyes don't catch the warning indicator.

6/5/09 490 miles I noticed my motor to transmission coupler had moved about 1/16 of an inch. Dropped motor and this time I used lock tight on the threads of the two set screws that keeps the coupler in position. I'll put the motor back in tomarrow and have it back on the road by Monday 6/7/09.

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