OwnerStephen Chapman
Owner's Other EV1975 Murray Lawn Tractor
LocationOak Ridge, North Carolina United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2000 Fisher-Price Powerwheels Bigfoot
Remotely controlled vehicle for parades
and Halloween
Motor Speed 400 size Permanent Magnet DC
Original Powerwheels motors made by
Mabuchi or Johnson
Drivetrain4WD with additional Fischer-Price
Powerheels motors and gearboxes in the
front. The steering linkage is locked
down and skid steering is used.
Controller IFI Victor 884
(2) 40A 12V PWM controllers driven by
the radio receiver output. One for the
left motors and one for the right.
Batteries2 Genesis 11AH, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
(2) batteries in parallel gives me
plenty of power for a 2 hour parade.
System Voltage12 Volts
Just a dumb automotive charger.
InstrumentationSOC on the remote control.
Top Speed6 MPH ( 9 KPH)
AccelerationLimited by the plastic wheels
Range4 Miles ( 6 Kilometers)
Estimated, never measured...
Seating Capacity1 robot
Curb Weight60 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
Tiresreally hard plastic
Conversion Time30 hours
Conversion Cost$500 including the radio gear.
Additional FeaturesAir horns, large aluminum teeth with animated hood
I follow ROBOTRUCK at a distance and many think it is
autonomous. Kids of all ages love it and it is always a
big hit in parades. It is also fun on Halloween when it
lunges out of the darkness with bright red eyes glowing
and the hood going up and down with large shiny teeth.

code by jerry