Control board Motor seat switchmotor rear battery bracketmain disconnect
OwnerGary Little
Owner's Other EV1997 John Deere Sabre
LocationConover, North Carolina United States map
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Vehicle1997 John Deere
Originally 16hp Hydrostatic drive 38" cut
MotorBriggs and Stratton
E-tek 8hp continuous 15hp max.
No controller needed- 72rpm per volt= approx 3000 rpm while mowing
BatteriesExide group 27 blemishes, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
183 reserve capacity- will purchase better batteries later if conversion meets expectations.
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerInteractor IntLS485
48v 5amp 3 stage-charges to full charge in 10hrs. after 1 mowing cycle, but I don't completely kill the batteries. I get about 23-25 mins of mowing before noticable drop in RPM's.
Instrumentationanalog volt meter
Top Speed5 MPH ( 8 KPH)
Same speed as ICE foward and reverse as I tached the speed before conversion and after
Accelerationsame as ICE on flat land. A little sluggish on hills.
Rangecurrently getting 23-25 mins of mowing with mulcher blade package installed(this is easier to mow with,being less directional change) but requires a little more current because of the added resistance
Curb Weight620 Pounds (281 Kilograms)
originally was 440 lbs. but mower seems to drive the same- added wt. not noticeable.
Tiresfactory. I increased air pressure a bit so it will roll better.
Conversion Time4 months
Conversion Cost$750.00
Additional Featuresall safety inter locks were retained.
Special Thanks to Carl Ervin for guiding me through. This has been a fun project. I want to convert my Toyota pick-up next when the funds are available. Thanks to Eric at Olympic Machine in Kings Mountain NC for hub adapter.

code by jerry