Charger mountbroken motorfueltank and controllcircuit
OwnerAngerer Peter
LocationInnsbruck, Tirol Austria map
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Vehicle1998 Aprilia RS 125
MotorPerm Motor PMG 132 Permanent Magnet DC
ControllerKelly KD72301
Batteries19 Thunder Sky LFP 60 AHA, 0.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
In order to save the expensive batteries
from being abused i ordered a battery
management from LithiumBalance.
Expensive, but looks good and its not
only to protecting my batteries it also
protects me form pushing my bike home
with muscular power by telling me the
remaining power in the batteryback.
System Voltage64 Volts
Charger Powerfinn Pac 800
800W charger
DC/DC Converter Chinese Produkt
Top Speedhoping for 70mph or 100kmh. we will see.
Now proved 70mph according to speedometer
of the motorcycle
Range35 Miles (56 Kilometers)
still have some issues with the DOD
measurement of the BMS as there is a
difference between calculated and actual
loaded capacity of about 600Wh which will
result in another 5 mile of range
Watt Hours/Mile110 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:35,060 Miles (56,411 Kilometers)
Current:35,028 Miles (56,360 Kilometers)
Total:-32 Miles (-51 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityHopefully me an one more person.
But we will see.
Curb Weight0
will be a little bit heavier than original
Conversion TimeData collecting since end 2007
start buying parts end 2008
start converting January 2009

code by jerry