Giving RidesInstructing Rider
OwnerHarry van Soolen
Owner's Other EVs1992 Geo Metro
1975 Zagato Elcar
2004 Mini-E-Bike
LocationWest Valley City, Utah United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1992 Electrathon
Electrathon race car I used in many locations (Utah, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado).
MotorScott Permanent Magnet DC
Scott 1Hp motor
DrivetrainChain Drivetrain
ControllerCurtis 1204-301
24-36Volt Controller
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Max weight as per rules, 67lbs.
System Voltage24 Volts
Self designed and built 24volt charger.
InstrumentationVoltmeter and Ampmeter
Top Speed40 MPH (64 KPH)
Max speed determined by gear ratios.
AccelerationFast for a small racer.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Not sure of exact range but need to go one hour on the batteries.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
Tires20" Bicycle BMX tires @100psi
Conversion TimeApprox 9monts from scratch
Conversion CostApprox $2000
Additional FeaturesTwo steering handles controlling each front wheels spindle.
Side intake air scoop to cool the motor and controller.
Main interior shutoff circuit breaker and exterior controlled emergency shutoff switch.
My Electrathon enjoyed many races in most of my surrounding state venues.

I am in the process at the moment to modify it for the Bonneville Salt Flats speed trials. I am designing and building another Electrathon for the speed trials this upcoming September.

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