E-bike w/lithium addedlead acid 10ah vs lithium 20ah
OwnerJim Stack
Owner's Other EVs2003 Honda Civic Hybrid
2013 FORD Focus EV
Jeep VW EV
2005 Toyota Prius PHEV 10 Kw
2014 ELF Electric Light Fun
2007 Fujiton E-bike
2011 Nissan LEAF
2015 Kia Soul EV
LocationChandler, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle2008 Rmartin LX1
# Hybrid Bike Style
# 6-Speed Shimano
Indexed Derailer
# 26" Wheels
# Alloy Frame
# Front Suspension - Mode
# Up to 18 MPH on Motor
# Luggage Rack included
# Battery: 36V-10Ah Lfp
# Smart Charger included
# Motor: 250W brushless
400 Watt Peak output
# Pedelec and full
Automatic twist throttle
# Total weight 50 LBS
# Seat Height From
Ground: - Min 32"
# Max handlebar height 42"

# Step over height 27"
# Wheel base 49"
# Adjustable handlebar
# 26" x 1.75" Kenda tires
(inflate 40-65 psi
# Shimano SL-TY18 shifter
# Shimano MFTZ20
Freewheel -14 - 28 teeth
Motor LX1 lithium Brushless DC
One of the most efficient vehicles in the world
DrivetrainHybrid -human and 250W brushless motor
36v 250 watt
Batteries3, 12.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
case with 36 volts of lithium batteries
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger JSC1084A4 Jewel brand Li-ion 36 volt
Li-Ion 36 volt charger
Instrumentation3 LEDs
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
bicycles are limited to 20 mph so they are safe and law abiding
Accelerationvery good
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
I have gone over 50 miles with no problem
Watt Hours/Mile8 Wh/Mile
the most efficient electric in the world
EV Miles
Current:4,200 Miles (6,757 Kilometers)
    As of 9/28/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight46 Pounds (20 Kilograms)
very light, can go on any bicycle rack and be lifted easily
Tires# 26" x 1.75" Kenda tires
(inflate 40-65 psi
Conversion Time1 hr
Conversion Cost$799
This is very practical and cost effective. Even with the recession and low gas prices of $1.50 this pays off fast. It's 8 cents of my solar electric vs 1 gallon of 1.50 imported subsidized gas that pollutes.

It's so easy to ride I don't even turn it on some days and have the electric just in case. This keeps me warmer in the cool winter here in Arizona (30-40's) in the morning. It can also keep you from over heating in summer (100F+).

I also have a lithium power PHEV 05 prius take care of all of our needs.

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