controllerBatt box in trunkunder the hood so farBatteries
OwnerRick Bouwknegt
LocationNewaygo, Michigan United States map
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Vehicle1995 Saturn SL1
bought with bad clutch for $400.00 needed new subframe though. I learned where they commonly rust out
MotorAdvanced DC Series Wound DC
Drivetrain5 speed
156 volt
Batteries24 East Penn GC115, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
215 ah lead acid 61lbs each
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerZivan Ng3
Heaterceramic heater, mr buddy propane too, gotta be careful though!
DC/DC ConverterAstrodyne SD-350D
InstrumentationDigital voltmeter, needs amp gauge
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Accelerationslow,needs more batts ,added 4 more, what a huge difference.
Range32 Miles (51 Kilometers)
I have only been able to test the range in this cold michigan winter, should increase as the temperature increases
EV Miles
Start:220 Miles (353 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight2,200 Pounds (999 Kilograms)
havent officially weighed it
Tiresupgraded to 15" diameter aluminum rims and tires, found out steel wheels are the same weight as the alloys?
Conversion TimeJust about done, still dont have power brakes though
Conversion Costcurrently have about 6k in parts, this is the early stages of the conversion, haven't received the motor or adapter plate yet so I am somewhat stalled at this point
Additional FeaturesBattery box is submerged in the truck, holds 8 6v batteries. have an additional 4 in the trunk right behind the seat. Was able to build a battery bracket under the hood where the radiator would be that holds 4 batteries.
Installed new rear struts with the springs from the front end of another saturn,had to heat them up and reduce the upper and lower diameter of the springs to fit the smaller diameter struts. I think these will handle the additional battery weight? Completed front battery rails. Still waiting on the motor and adapter plate.

Machined the original flywheel to remove excessive weight, I was able to remove 3 lbs reducing its weight to under 10 lbs.
Installed motor and made another battery rail for under the hood that holds 4 more batteries, making the total number of batteries under the hood 8. Seems to handle the weight?

Pretty much done with the conversion, controller is malfunctioning though, giving a overvoltage error, had to send it back for repair. I was able to drive a couple times with less batteries. Only got up to 40 mph. Ordered new custom springs for the rear. 12 batteries is just too much weight in the rear without stiffer springs. Installed the dc/dc converter last night. Waiting to get the controller back.

12/20/08 Installed new rear springs from "springworks" in santa monica, ca , they are awesome, I would highly recommend getting a set made for your ev.

2/21/08 Still needs more range and acceleration! sent back the charger to reconfigure for 144vdc(hind site is 20/20, should have just started at 144vdc) will install 4 more batteries soon. Can't wait for warmer weather!Want to drive to work, boss says I can plug in to recharge. Bought kill a watt meter to measure the cost of charging, discovered it is under 71 cents to charge. Will do more testing later at 144vdc

3/10/90 Finally running at 144vdc, huge increase in power from 120 vdc. Finally accelerates comparable to a gas engine. Range was 32 miles at 32 degree's, running heat and many other accessories. not bad for michigan

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