OwnerJohn Wayland
Owner's Other EVs1972 Datsun 1200
1968 Datsun Mini truck
Pee Wee
1972 Datsun 1200
Heavy Metal Garden Tractor
3 Wheel Industrial Cart
LocationPortland, Oregon United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2000 Honda Insight
MotorHonda Vtec-E Brushless DC
3 cylinder Vtec-E, 10 killoWatt brushless DC
Drivetrainfront wheel drive, 5 speed (4th and 5th are overdrive)
Batteries120, 1.20 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
D cell
System Voltage144 Volts
(motor acts as a generator)
Heaterliquid-warmed, standard ICE fair
DC/DC ConverterHonda
Factory 12v system...'TDK' 75 Amp with Optima group 51 Yellow Top. Secondary audio 12v system...'Todd' 30 Amp backed by a Hawker-Aeorbatteries 26 ahr high output 12v battery
InstrumentationAll digital dash, including fuel, battery charge level and 'Charge/Assist' mode gauge. E-meter battery computer for monitoring the audio system's DC-DC and 12V AGM battery.
Top Speed110 MPH (176 KPH)
so far
Range700 Miles (1126 Kilometers)
per tankful (10.6 gallons)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,887 Pounds (857 Kilograms)
with air conditioning option
Tires165/65R14 Bridgestone 'Potenza' RE92 LRR
Featured in October '01 Car Audio and Electronics magazine. Special thanks to 'Phoenix Gold (PG)' and 'MB Quart' for their support JVC Kameleon CD head unit w/12 disc changer Twin PG ZX400Ti amplifiers (700 watts rms as installed) PG 'EQ232' Equalizer-signal processor PG 'Bass Cube' bass processor MB Quart Reference series bi-wired 6.5" coaxials for the front stage Twin MB Quart SBR 12" subs in custom enclosure (removable for spare tire access) Powered by 144vdc NiMH battery pack through DC-DC converter and TMF battery I've achieved as high as 92.5 mpg on a 53.1 mile mostly freeway run that included a few starts and stops, and a hill pull of 3 miles or so. Typical city mileage is 61-65 mpg, with the typical highway rate coming in at 75-80 mpg. A note from the Webmaster As a few folks have pointed out, the Honda Insight is not an electric car. However, it contains many of the major components of a true electric car, and is a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully Honda and others will make true electric cars available soon.

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