Under the bonnetADC 203-06-4001A Motor PositioningMotor connected to transmissionADC Motor in 3 piecesController box and potGBS LiFeMnPO4
LocationHeinsdorfergrund, Sachsen Germany map
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Vehicle1987 Trabant P 601
A passenger vehicle model from the "VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau" build from 1958 to 1991 in Zwickau, Germany (formerly Germany Democratic Rebublic GDR), locally known as the Trabi.
MotorAdvanced DC ADC 203-06-4001A Series Wound DC
72-144 VDC, double shaft, 8" diam., 17.5 HP
DrivetrainModified 4-Speed Manual Transmission. Front Wheel Drive. Neutral has been blocked.
ControllerKelly KDH12600 or Zapi H2 120V 600A
Kelly 120VDC 400Amps
Zapi 120VDC 600Amps w/Regen
Batteries38 GBS LFMP 100Ah, 126.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
EMUS BMS, Controller, BT, Sensor, Relais
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerZivan #NG3, 230VAC in/132-336VDC
19A Output programmed with Relay for EMUS BMS controller.
HeaterForced Air, Electric Heater later I will build a duct from controller box to heating bay with extra fan. Currently only on/heat/off.
DC/DC Converter PLD500-EVG11-13 500W 50-126V to 13,8V
Green Watt Power DC-DC Wandler PLD500-EVG11-13 500W 50-126V auf 13,8V
InstrumentationBattery Management System "e-xpert pro"
Voltage, Current, AmpHours, State-of-Charge, Temperature
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
On a flat road surface. Hills cause a significant decrease in performance depending on incline.
Acceleration0-100km/h in 15sec.
Using only 3rd Gear. Gear-shifting without a clutch takes a bit more practice, but 2nd to 3rd gear starts should get about 3-5 seconds decrease with practice.
Range80 Miles (128 Kilometers)
Worst case due to the very hilly road conditions in Vogtland. Low charge at 50% shut-down to keep battery from running too low.
Watt Hours/Mile225 Wh/Mile
24.6Ah after a total of 35km.
Average speed 60kmh on my local hilly test track in Heinsdorfergrund.
EV Miles
Start:35,543 Miles (57,188 Kilometers)
Current:35,935 Miles (57,819 Kilometers)
Total:392 Miles (630 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityCurrent weight is 640Kg, orginal Trabant was able to have a max capacity of 1000kg so with conversion there is 360Kg.
Seating capacity is 4.
Curb Weight1,530 Pounds (695 Kilograms)
Body made of compressed fibre plastic(Duraplast) a plastic material made from Phenolic Plastic Resin and Cotton.
TiresOriginal Rims 145SR13
Michelin 145/80R13 75T Energy E3B 1
Conversion TimeOver 1year
I have a day job and family.
Additional FeaturesCustomized rear spring for additional battery weight.
New steering column assembly - lucky find in my spare parts collection.
Re-built transmission.

code by jerry