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Vehicle1995 Daihatsu Charade Hatchback
3 Door Hatchback. Rear bench seat removed. Used as 2 seat commuter, Light Commercial Van and regular, routine towing. Fitted with Towbar and regularly tows a 3-slot motorbike trailer ... ferrying Electric Bicycles - electric scooters - electric tricycles ... :)
MotorAdvanced DC L91-4003 Series Wound DC
L91-4003, 72-120V, dual-shaft, 12 HP, (6.7")

30Kw ADC replaces original ICE @ 993cc (38Kw).
DrivetrainMated to original gearbox, 5 speed manual (Clutchless). Typical start and routine driving in 3rd gear only. 2nd gear only used for additional thrust for hard climbs and initial take-off with loads (500Kg cargo or loaded motorbike trailer, or both!). Reverse gear produces serious thrust (Torque) and requires a delicate touch to avoid bunny-hopping from TOO much THRUST :)
ControllerCurtis 1231C-7701
* Operating voltage: 72-120 Volts DC
* Maximum current: 550 Amps
* 1.5/15 KHz switch frequency operation, audible as a whistle at low speed.

'Carefully' tuned for 'soft start' and 'minimal current' ... this makes it easier to drive economically and not 'burn' excessive current needlessly for unecessary acceleration ... hence, better range and less likely to routinely exceed 1C rating of fitted Li-Ions (160Ah) in order to achieve longest possible cell life ...
Batteries30 Thunder Sky LFP160AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Total capacity 16Kwh. Actually provides about 112Vdc, no load.
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3 (240Vac)
96 VDC output @ 19A from 240VAC input. Also an automatic 12V 1.6A 3-stage SLA battery charger for the accessory battery. Both mounted under rear floor in spare wheel well on cushioned mounts. Flow through ducts to remove ambient heat whilst charging.
DC/DC ConverterIota
Inline from motive pack to accessory battery ... tested supply of up to 25A at 13.8Vdc through to accessory battery (ALL accessories and drive lights ON (fan, heater, wipers, etc)
InstrumentationBasic analogue Voltmeter, Ammeter and accessory SLA battery Voltmeter
Top Speed68 MPH (109 KPH)
Range81 Miles (130 Kilometers)
Has averaged approximately 69km per day since conversion ... minimum daily distance 15-20km, otherwise over 150km+ (with an opportunistic partial re-charge between trips)
Watt Hours/MileHave done over 17,000km so far, with 50% of re-charging using excess 100% GREEN electricity from Solar Panels and Wind Turbines (Grid-Tie) ... total notional cost of electricity ~$743.00(AUD) ... since another 25% of electricity is 'opportunistic' and not actually purchased from third parties ... electricity cost so far is ~$185.81(AUD) for 17,000km+, um, that's about $144.07(USD) :)
EV Miles
Start:73,666 Miles (118,528 Kilometers)
Current:84,359 Miles (135,733 Kilometers)
Total:10,693 Miles (17,205 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults, rear bench seat removed.
Curb Weight1,984 Pounds (901 Kilograms)
TiresLow rolling resistance
Conversion Cost$19,600(AUD)(2007$)
Additional FeaturesAdded 96V @ 26Ah SLA Gel Cell pack (selectable) as backup motive pack. Gives better wieght distribution and handling to vehicle. Only used if necessary, provides 60Kmh for 25-35Km. Pack has dual wiring loom, 12v selectable to re-charge and maintenance charge the entire string at 12V with 16A automatic, intelligent, 4-stage PWM battery charger (SLA Gel Cell compatible).

Automatic electric vacuum pump (GAST Model MOA-V111-JH) maintains original hydraulic brake system pressure. Microswitch safety interlock at charge point/power socket flap (Original fuel-cap filler cover) prevents motor engagement unless cover closed (chargecable removed ...). Operates from stanard AU 3 pin plug-extension cord rated 240VAC @ 15A. Hit the activation button (inside) and Zivan and accessory battery charger initiate. Zivan auto powers-off once pack charged, accessory battery charger runs standby-maintenance charge. Zivan does a 'nice' 'slow' charge ... about 12Km recovered for each hour on charge ... 'max' re-charge time approx 8-10 hours ... approximately 2.4Kwh (per hour) consumed charging (both Li-ions and accessory battery). Routine is to immediately 'top-up' charge every time it's parked ... does 20-80Kms+ (sometimes, with opportunistic charging, 150Km+), per day, seven days a week. 50% of all charging power is provided by our own Solar Panels and Wind Turbines (100% Green power, Grid-tie connected), other 50% from the grid.

Zivan charges Li-Ions via individual cell BMS ...

Original central door locking. Added remote control car alarm. Run a 100W 240Vac inverter from cigarete lighter socket (off a double socket adapter with automatic low voltage battery protection) for multiple various electronic accessories (Mobile Phone Charger, Navman, Cardo Scala Bluetooth headset charger, ...). A remote control FM transmitter is virtually a permanent fixture to play my MP3s from a USB memstick over FM via radio ...

Added a high gain external GPS antenna to roof ... used with solar supplemented Bluetooth enabled handheld GPS ... links to Mobile phone (voice instructions, route planning, scalable maps)

Added 1W 12V 120mA trickle charge solar panel battery charger (with blocking diode) to dashboard ... maintains trickle charge to accessory battery to prevent sulphation in between discharges and full recharge-maintenance from the accessory battery charger.

Fitted a compact solar panel powered circulation-exhaust fan for in summer, when parked in the hot sun.

Um, added a Towbar and trailer plug and wiring loom, for routine, regular towing ...

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