OwnerSimon Roy
Owner's Other EVs1972 Sears RM6
1996 Honda Civic HB CX
LocationThunder Bay, Ontario Canada map
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Vehicle2007 mk1
Electric motorized snowmobile lift
Motor Dynamic Permanent Magnet DC
110rpm wheelchair motor w/brake
Drivetrainwheelchair based : added chain drive ratio
ControllerPenny and Giles
Batteries2, 12.00 Volt,
SLA, 33AH sulfated due to opperator misuse oct 2010
new bateries installed, all ok.
System Voltage24 Volts
ChargerSoneil 2408
HeaterInside shop.
Instrumentationgreen pilot light
Top SpeedFaster than you can push uphill.
Limited speed reverse for safety.
AccelerationMuch quicker than Mach-Z with blown belt!
EV Miles
Current:3 Miles (4 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 snowmobile
Tiresstock, modified rims #40 chain drive
Conversion Timemachine shop, mostly waiting.
Conversion Costebay sourced speed cont, motors. ;except for machine shop time,batteries, wiring & dolly new.
Will add some daytime action pictures this winter, pictures taken @-35C on sunday midnite after completion.
Still in service..changed controler, joystick broke?

posibble failure due to operator negligence from moisture ingress in controller, returned original controller in service(after drying a few months)

batteries due to charger neglect:::SLA, 33AH sulfated due to opperator disuse oct 2010(replaced all ok!)

Operators back is thankful!

code by jerry