Custom fendersfender?Weight reduction or safety?vent picsRally Car
OwnerC Thrilla/Cris Ramos
LocationSan Antonio, Texas United States map
Web/EmailWebPage / email image
Vehicle1990 Honda DX
early 90's Civic hatchback I got off the side of the road 8 years ago. Got a salvage title. I wanted to build it into a rally car. Found a different car so this guy was set aside, until now!

Thinking about adding rear wheel drive for AWD conversion.
Controller zilla?
I haven't ordered one yet but this is my main choice right now.
Batteries12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
I'm thinking of Deep cycle Optima style batteries or the Trojan 105 6v off golf carts
System Voltage144 Volts
HeaterN/a Texas
Top Speed9999999 MPH (16089998 KPH)
as fast as possible
AccelerationAs fast as possible
Rangehoping 45ish
Seating Capacity2-3
Available with tires have other cars
Conversion TimeTBA
Conversion CostTBA
Additional FeaturesSuspension up grades, Springs, Shocks, Heavy duty Sway bars (front and rear).

Custom lighting front and rear distinct body appearance.

In the process of designing an AWD system to reduce front wheel spin and increase launching performance.

Rear Disc brake conversion.

Standard transmission conversion.

Replacing windows with lexan(except front(illegal)).
One of the scariest projects I've ever started.
Because money, lack of knowledge, very minor experience in electronics, fitting in all this work into my schedule, also I feel like theres no one else that sees the same vision as me in my community/city.
But at the same time it's the most exciting project I've ever done! Every day my mind is thinking of new ideas and details for this project. This is hopefully going to be the car of my dreams and maybe others If successful I would like to do this as a business mainly to make a change not.

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