Motor Test
OwnerRoss Cunniff
Owner's Other EV1975 Porsche 914
LocationFort Collins, Colorado United States map
Vehicle1986 Jeep Cherokee XJ
MotorAzure Dynamics/Solectria AC55 3-Phase AC
72HP peak (at ~2000 RPM)
Drivetrain5-speed manual
ControllerAzure Dynamics/Solectria DMOC445
Batteries96 CALB/Skyenergy SE100AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
7 lbs each. Using CleanPowerAuto's MiniBMS
System Voltage307 Volts
ChargerElcon HF/PFC 2500
HeaterDual 450V ceramic
DC/DC ConverterAzure Dynamics/Solectria DCDC750BC12
Battery charging converter, 58A output
InstrumentationEMW Android Dashboard
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
AccelerationI like the AC55. I'm currently just driving the ElectroJeep around
in 3rd gear and it keeps up with traffic fine.
Range54 Miles (86 Kilometers)
Estimated at 70% DOD after LiFePO4 upgrade
Watt Hours/Mile425 Wh/Mile
This is wall Whr/mile (i.e. includes charging overhead)
EV Miles
Start:188,814 Miles (303,801 Kilometers)
Current:190,000 Miles (305,710 Kilometers)
Total:1,186 Miles (1,908 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight4,200 Pounds (1,909 Kilograms)
Weight with lead was almost 5000 lbs!
Conversion Time11 months. Probably 500 or more hours of time.
Conversion CostMore than I want to admit :-)
Conversion started in March 2008, complete in June 2009 (with a hiatus from Feb-May of
2009), redone with LiFePO4 from July 2012-April 2014

code by jerry