OwnerKirk Reinkens
LocationSpokane, Washington United States map
Vehicle1961 Ford Econline Pickup
3/4 ton cab over pickup - probably not really 3/4 ton :)
Motor Dayton 31331F 3-Phase AC
2, 10hp motors
Drivetrain6-cylinder, 144 (74 HP max), 3-on-the-tree
ControllerSiemens 25HP Industrial Controller
Free from friend - demo model from VFD sales
Batteries40 TBD, 0.00 Volt,
System Voltage400 Volts
Charger TBD
VFD Primary via 240-480 transformer (lots to learn here)
Zener Regulators for basic protection
DC/DC Converter TBD
Seating Capacity3 - no ICE mean three abreast in the cab!
Conversion TimeMental Start Date: some time in 2005
Physical Start Date: February 2008
Conversion Cost2 - matching 10hp motors = $350
1 - free 25hp controller =
Additional FeaturesTBD

code by jerry