granny trikeDrivetrain
OwnerRandy Scott
LocationHouston, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1970 Huffy granny trike
first gen three wheel bike dates back to the 1970's
MotorUnite Motor MY1020 Permanent Magnet DC
24v 500w 27a
Drivetrain3-speed in-hub Shimano with real differential in rear axle - made jackshaft from Schwinn rear axle
ControllerYi Yun YK42-2
this is my 3rd attempt
Batteries4 Werker WKA12-7.5F2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
7.5AHr 2parallel x 2series = 24V 15AHr
System Voltage24 Volts
Charger Henguang
TNCScooters #101140
HeaterHeater? This is Houston - we don' need no stinkin' heaters
InstrumentationSchwinn speedo to be added later
Top Speeddon't care about speed, just moving fat guy around - 20 mph would make the potholes dangerous
Rangearound & round the block for an hour w no loss of power - so far
Watt Hours/Mileunknown
Seating Capacity1 really big one
Curb Weight0
unknown - crippled guy could lift it into back of pickup before conversion. Making the batt box removable for this reason.
Tires24" - 3 of 'em
Conversion TimeXmas - 5 days off work
New Years - 4 day weekend
Sept2008- 9 months interrupted
2010 - add new controller - success
Conversion Cost$300 approx so far - w shipping
Additional Featuresgrocery basket, banana seat, owner-built sissy bar, ape-hangers, booze holder
jackshaft was the rear axle from a Schwinn/Izip/Currie. new sprocket welded to old hub housing. total gear reduction should be 7:1. thinking about disc brake on differential housing
Plastic ammo box from Northern Tool is perfect size for 4 brick-sized batteries.
New wire cargo basket is from shopping scooter
10-17-10 First real test flight w/o breaking anything. Rode around the block for an hour before a secondary drive chain jumped the sprocket leaving me to peddle home. All in all, a successful day.

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