OwnerJustin Van Deusen
Owner's Other EV1995 Honda CBR900RR
LocationHolland, Michigan United States map
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Vehicle1998 Mazda B2500
Regular Cab, Short Box.
MotorNetgain WarP 9 Series Wound DC
9.25" diameter - same mounting pattern and length as ADC 9". This makes it a drop-in replacement for the ADC 9" motor
HP = 70 @ 120 Volts DC (435 Amps)
116 Ft. pounds torque
Weight: 143 pounds
5500 RPM
Drivetrain5spd, 2WD, RWD
ControllerCafe Electric 1KHV
72VDC-300VDC (Nominal)
Water Cooled
Batteries24 Trojan T-860, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
150AH @C/20 Rate
56lbs Each = 1344lb Pack Not Counting Battery Boxes, Heaters, Fans, Cables, Etc.
System Voltage192 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-20
PFC-20 For On board Charger. Planning on Modding Charger for Additional Charger Control (External Logic).
HeaterPlanning on 1 or 2 Ceramics. More Effective System Planned For Phase 2.
DC/DC Converter N/A
Undecided At This Time...
InstrumentationStock Gauges. Custom HUD and Console Mounted 6-8" LCD With Full Data Logging System Planned For Phase 2.
Top SpeedData Not Available Yet. Goal is 100mph After Phase 2.
AccelerationData Not Available Yet. Goal is 0-60 in 10-12s After Phase 2.
RangeData Not Available Yet. Goal is 40 miles 50% DOD After Phase 2.
Watt Hours/MileData Not Available Yet. Goal is 250-300 after Phase 2.
EV Miles
Start:114,000 Miles (183,426 Kilometers)
Current:114,000 Miles (183,426 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight3,009 Pounds (1,367 Kilograms)
Not Sure If That Includes Full Tank of Gas. Please Note This is Before Conversion.
Tires4 Very Worn Tires
Conversion TimePhase 1 (Standard Conversion) Started 11/05/07
Conversion CostPhase 1 As of 11/15/07
$3400 Donor
$300 Misc Tools, Equipment, Etc.
More to Come....
Additional FeaturesBedliner... I Think Thats It. Truck Was A Bare Bones Model.
Project Currently on hold due to funding issues!

Converting a 1995 Honda CBR900RR Motorcycle first.

Trying The Conversion in "Phases" or "Stages" if you will. This Allows Me to Learn What Modifications Effect What and to Learn The Most I Can About My EV.

Phase 1 Will Be Finishing The Basic Conversion Process as Well As Getting Familiar With The EV and Breaking in the Pack. While That Is Going On Work Will Begin on Phase 2.

Phase 2 Will Compromise Of Complete Aero Mods Along With Weight Reduction Techniques and a Custom Data Logging System. New Paint, Sound System, and Many Other Mods Will Be Added At This Time.

Phase 3 Will be a Super Street EV Build. Right Now I am Leaning Towards a NetGain 13" Motor With Some Motor Modifications, 16 PC2150 Odysseys, and a Z2KHV. 0-60mph Time Most Important to this Phase As Car is Driven Only in City Commuting Roles Under 60mph Primarily.

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