Hub MotorThe 20 Amp Controller36V 18 Ah BatteryThumb Throttle Control
LocationPensacola, Florida United States map
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Vehicle2006 Dahon Speed D7
I bought the Dahon when I worked closer to my home, but with my new job and my current physical shape I couldn't do the ride without help. I decided to convert my Dahon to electric and I love it. I get a great workout and I'm helping the environment!
MotorCrystalyte Rear 405 Brushless DC
ControllerCrystalyte 20 Amp Immediate Start
Batteries1, 36.00 Volt, Nickel-Metal Hydride
System Voltage36 Volts
ChargerCrystalyte unknown
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
This is with a 240 pound rider (yeah I'm a fatty) with no pedal assist, with pedal assist about 23 mph
Range33 Miles (53 Kilometers)
My round trip is 33 miles. I can make it both ways without a charge, but by the last 3 miles the reduction in power is noticeable. So I charge at work and at home.
EV Miles
Start:194 Miles (312 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight90 Pounds (40 Kilograms)
The bike weighs about 90 pounds plus my hefty weight of 240. So overall 330.
Tires20 inch Comet Primo's with Kevlar belt, slime liner, thorn resistant tubes, and sealant inside tubes.
Conversion Time2 hours
Conversion Cost$1,000.00
I bought all of my components to convert my Dahon from WebPage

They're great because not only do they sell the stuff, but they use it too, so they know what their talking about. Every question I had they answered quickly and the shipping was fast and inexpensive.

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