Notes from the NEDRA gathering at Bandimere Speedway, May 26th, 2001...

As always, it was great to meet fellow EV'ers and show our support for this important sporting event.

Q:  Who raced?
A:  John Bidwell & David Hawkins

Q: How did they do?
A: I heard that John Bidwell's motorcycle had an excellent run and set a record.  Unfortunately, I don't have the stats, movies, or pics.

David Hawkins carried the flag for EV racers everywhere and did well with only a 600 amp controller. His last ET was around 19 seconds @74MPH.

Here's a 15 second, 343K Mpeg video of his last RX-7 run.

Q:  Who else raced for NEDRA?
A:  There was a poor turnout this year. Battery availability and work conflicts prevented a bigger crowd. As far as I know only John B. & David H. raced. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Q:  Was anyone else there?
A:  Yes, several other EV Listers/NEDRA people were in attendance. Bill Dube was with the MegaCycle, Electric Louie, & Steve (The hardware/Linux guy who's last name I forgot!). Manitou Springs High School (was it Dennis Korth?) had Sparky the Electric VW Bug on display. Richard Furniss flew in from Vegas and was there with his family. Tim Eckert of Compact Power was there. There were others, but I didn't catch all the names.

Here are some more pics...

Steve checking out Sparky's school-bus-departure

David (Battery Boy) Hawkins discussing his Optima pack with Bill, John, & Steve

Bill, Steve, Dennis(?), and (?) kidding around

MegaCycle silently waits for new batteries as David Hawkins' RX-7 sucks up a charge in the background... under the watchful eye of John Bryan


-Dave Stensland
Mead, Colorado