OwnerPaul Mogg
LocationAlameda, California United States map
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Vehicle2002 GEM E825
Red and white 2 passenger car.
Drivetrain5 hp motor.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
I just changed the stock 10" Street and Turf tires that
came with it to Trailer wheels with a 21.9" diameter. This
instantly improved all aspects of handling and ride, and
gave me 6 mph more top speed without reprogramming
the controller.
AccelerationIt accellerates as fast if not faster than my Saturn gas car, that I now just keep for those freeway journeys.
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
I've only had the car for a week (Aug 2006) so I don't really know it's true range, but I feel it's safely 25 miles. I did one trip of about 18 miles this week and came back reading 50% charge.
EV Miles
Start:125 Miles (201 Kilometers)
Current:305 Miles (490 Kilometers)
Total:180 Miles (289 Kilometers)
    As of 8/9/2006
Seating Capacity2
Curb Weight1,850 Pounds (840 Kilograms)
TiresTow-Master trailer tires on 12" Trailer rims, $240 for four from West Marine.
Conversion Cost$3,400 used, but with only 125 miles on clock.
Additional FeaturesIt has a great system of "PAKS" - interchangeable carrying packages that clip and unclip from the back of the vehicle, such as a truck-like bed, and a golf bag carrier. There's also a very large after-market of add-ons for this vehicle, which is great.
I LOVE this little car, it is the ideal car for Alameda. I just didn't realize that about 80% of all my mileage was in short local trips.

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