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OwnerTimothy Mahar
LocationDestin, Florida United States map
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Vehicle2000 EVGlobal Standard, Comfort, and Enviro models
EVGLOBAL eBike fleet of the original deluxe models plus the newer downscaled Enviro
MotorHeinzmann Permanent Magnet DC
indestructable brushed hub motor
Drivetrainbeautiful set of 7 gears on the original models dropped to single gearing on the Enviro
reliable for about 7000 miles, then... you'll want spares.. best bet is to buy a spare bike on ebay, they are cheap now... (sadly)
Batteries2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
dual 12 volt deep discharge lead acid batteries.
Reliable for recharging through about 7000 miles, then you'll need another...
System Voltage24 Volts
Built in on the original models, this is an extra thing to lug around on the lesser Enviro model... Plug in anywhere there is an outlet.
Heaterin Florida?
Top Speed12 MPH (19 KPH)
12 uphill with groceries with cruise on and not pedaling (shame on you) or 35 downhill and pedaling like crazy. Avg 16 on flatland with cruise control on.
Accelerationoriginal models are faster than cars away from the light
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
The more you pedal, the further you go...
Seating Capacity1 adult (you're it...)
Curb Weight74 Pounds (33 Kilograms)
Weight of steel frame, battery, and hub motor required wonderful steel belted radials. Rides light.
TiresKendal steel belted radials... dropped on the Enviro model
Conversion TimeNew in box from manufacturer
Conversion CostHighly variable anwhere from 300 on ebay to 1000 from the manufacturer...
Additional Featuresability to pull things... like people on inline skates... and haul great loads of groceries with large saddlebags...
a great work horse...
company was of great help in backing the bike and sending any parts I needed (far from any dealer) but the engineers always seemed to move on...
battery lasts about 7000 miles with care... everything else seemed to be done well but was complicated with something like 43 electrical connections inside the body... plus motherboards to check...
Now the enviro has been made less expensive but same systems are still in place...
like any computer it gets 'confused' at times...
Many miles... lots of smiles... (with the original models)
Lee Iacocca's glory seems to have waned with the newer less glamorous, more cheaply made Enviro step through model... Original 24 volt standard model was literally run into the ground (but was still running) when I parted it out at about 15000 miles (wasn't pretty anymore and I had others) parts of it lived on in other bikes.

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