OwnerIain Hendry
LocationKitchener-Waterloo, Ontario Canada map
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scratch built
starter-alternator from a big lawn mower
Drivetrain2 stage belt reduction
two pieces of metal which touch each other (also function as intermittent headlights in the dark)
Batteries1, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
deep cycle battery from my dad's camper (he doesn't know)
System Voltage12 Volts
the charger from my dad's camper for said battery
HeaterThe wires (melted the insulation right off after 20 minutes - need to replace wiring after every charge)
InstrumentationMy eyes
Top Speed6 MPH ( 9 KPH)
approximately, downhill
Rangeabout 10 minutes 1 km or so before the wires melt
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight100 Pounds (45 Kilograms)
estimated, with battery
Tires4 (had 3 at one point, tried a single front wheel, which collapsed; and sent me tumbling into a ditch)
Conversion TimeTotal project time was about 2 years
Conversion CostI think was $50 for the new motor.
Additional FeaturesTrailer hitch! I drilled a hole in the back so my wagon can be attached. It cannot pull it, however.
Experimented briefly with "light switch" type motor controller. This did not function and the vehicle drove into a tree. Replaced with custom built "Chunk-O-Metal" type controller (two strips of metal strapping that touch each other). Designed a PWM/Relay circuit but never got around to implementing it. Original motor was very small and had a spool of thread for a drive pulley and an elastic strap which my dad had used to hold a case of wrenches closed. He was mad when he found out I destroyed it. The vehicle no longer exists. Some of the kids in my school went to Mexico for vacation. My teachers were sad when they found out what I'd spent my summer doing.

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