W11 plus trailerHeavy haulNew batteriesElectronics areaAssembly after paint
OwnerAlasdair Robertson
LocationEdinburgh , Scotland United Kingdom map
Vehicle1984 Westwood W11 Gazelle
Classic 11HP lawn tractor from the 1980s
MotorMars ME0810 Permanent Magnet DC
4.5kW rated motor running at 36V (could be run
on 48V)
Drivetrain5 speed + reverse, belt driven
ControllerAlltrax SPM48300
Limited to 150A max to protect the batteries a
bit as it has plenty torque at 150A and the
gearbox can also be used to reduce current when
towing heavy loads
BatteriesZAP Expedition AGM, 36.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
3x 70Ah AGM explorer batteries, hopefully not
being treated too badly and the weight is useful
for keeping the front end on the ground.
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger Sterling Power Aquanatics
2x Sterling power PSP12202 chargers. These
are IP68 with no cooling fan (good for
mounting in a garage with woodworking
equipment and sawdust) each has 2 independent
12V charging outputs. This gives 4 totally
independant outputs which are taken to the
individual batteries. Option for 48V is also
possible as one channel is spare. Set to AGM
charging limits and the whole lot are
connected through an 8 way cable and the final
connection at the vehicle is through an 8-way
Speakon connector.
HeaterPadded jacket and some physical labour
DC/DC Converter None
Did fit a cheapie DC-DC but it promptly died
I have been running the lights and horn
to one of the batteries. The total draw from
the LED lights is minimal and it's just not
worth fitting a DC-DC..
InstrumentationHour counter and battery indicator.
Top Speed8 MPH (12 KPH)
Slightly faster than the original and still has
space in the battery rack for another battery to
give a fast travel option. May also do that and
re-gear the belt drive to lower the current when
in use
AccelerationTotally fine, it's a tractor. Rate limited in
the controller as the gearbox is not perfect and
I'm trying to avoid buying and reconditioning
another one.
RangeUnknown. Spends its life towing a small
trailer for gardening use and hauling wood too
and from the store/splitting area. It also
hauls the road going trailer up and over the
hill at the back of the house with no trouble.
Hauls for many loaded trips over the hill and
around the property and I've never taken the
battey below about 90% SOC.
Watt Hours/MileUnknown
EV Miles
Current:50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
    As of 1/24/2021
Seating CapacityJust one
Curb Weight0
Never weighed it but it's a bit more than
original which is good as it's mainly used as a
load hauler.
TiresYes, all new and period correct ribbed on the
Conversion Cost£1355 which is more than I'd like but it was a
nut and bolt rebuild so there's a bit of cost
for paint, decals, tyres etc. Motor, controller,
batteries and chargers were about £725 out of
the total cost.
Additional FeaturesStill drives like a garden tractor with a combined brake and 'clutch'
pedal. There are 2 control pots in parallel which allow you to
separately set the maximum speed with a hand pot and use the foot
pedal to work the brake and lift off to drive. ie, not automotive
type press to go. This has the added benefit that you can set the
hand throttle pot to 0 ohms, lift off the brake pedal which sets the
foot pedal pot to 10k ohm and then you can start to wind up the hand
throttle to start to drive. This is a useful method of very fine
torque control when pulling heavy trailers up steep hills and much
better than using the foot control alone.

Fitted with very bright LED lights and a new seat, it's the workhorse
tractor around here for doing all the hauling.

A cutting deck is being designed.

code by jerry