W11 plus trailerHeavy haulNew batteriesElectronics areaAssembly after paint
OwnerAlasdair Robertson
LocationEdinburgh , Scotland United Kingdom map
Vehicle1984 Westwood W11 Gazelle
Classic 11HP lawn tractor from the 1980s
MotorMars ME0810 Permanent Magnet DC
4.5kW rated motor running at 36V (could be run
on 48V)
Drivetrain5 speed + reverse, belt driven
ControllerAlltrax SPM48300
Limited to 150A max as it has plenty torque at 150A and the
gearbox can also be used to reduce current when
towing heavy loads
BatteriesVW Lithium Ion 1kWh modules, 48.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
The original AGM battery pack had some 'challenges' and has
been replaced with 2kWh of Lithium Ion batteries based on 2
modules from a VW GTE
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger 12S, 7A
12S 7A charger feeding into a Daly type BMS added to each VW
GTE module
HeaterPadded jacket and some physical labour
DC/DC Converter None
Cheapie 48V to 12V, 15A DC-DC fitted to run the lights and horn
InstrumentationHour counter and battery indicator.
Top Speed12 MPH (19 KPH)
Much faster than the original
AccelerationLively even though the current ramp rate is limited.
RangeHuge for normal towing purposes around the property here. I've
only depleted the battery completely while towing a self
powered flail mower doing the 2 acres next door.
Watt Hours/MileUnknown
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityJust one
Curb Weight500 Pounds (227 Kilograms)
TiresYes, all new and period correct ribbed on the
Additional FeaturesStill drives like a garden tractor with a combined brake and 'clutch'
pedal. You separately set the maximum speed with a hand pot and use the foot
control to work the brake and lift off to drive. ie, not automotive type press to go. It has very
fine torque control for pulling heavy trailers up steep hills.

Fitted with very bright LED lights and a new seat, it's the workhorse
tractor around here for doing all the hauling.

code by jerry