ZEVA BMSUnder constructionMotor and gearbox
OwnerChristopher Jones
Owner's Other EVs1985 Suzuki RG250
2014 Voltron Evo
LocationKalamunda, Western Australia Australia map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1988 Honda Prelude
This is Francess Day's 1988 Honda Prelude (with
the mechanical 4-wheel steering). I converted
it to electric drive for her. It is going
through the licensing process now.
Motor Greatland LLC (China) 3-Phase AC
The motor is a permanent magnet synchronous AC
motor from Greatland in China. 30 kW
continuous, 60 kW peak, liquid cooled
DrivetrainOriginally had a 2 litre fuel injected engine
with 100 kW or so, but now only has half as much
power but same torque and still front wheel
drive. Very efficient though.
Controller Greatland
Matching inverter for the motor, liquid cooled.
Batteries96 other Lithium cobalt pouch cells, 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Ion
I built the battery as a 24 kWh, liquid cooled,
lithium polymer battery consisting of 8 modules
of 12s10p. Each cell is 7000 mAh, so it's a 70
Ah system.
System Voltage360 Volts
ChargerElcon TC charger
6.6 kW TC charger with CAN bus control. Liquid
cooled. Vmax is 400 V DC.
Heater3 kW kettle through the blower.
DC/DC ConverterElcon TC
1800 W DC/DC converter from TC. Input 400 V,
output 13.7 V DC.
InstrumentationZEVA BMS and EVMS3.
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
Retained the 5 speed manual transmission and
clutch. Takes off OK in 4th, but a bit slow.
If you're in a hurry you can use third gear.
Acceleration0-100 in 15 seconds or so.
Range110 Miles (176 Kilometers)
City driving (60 km/h or so) with few stops and
starts, this thing has almost 200 km of range.
But on the highway at 100 km/h, maybe 150 km.
Very efficient car.
Watt Hours/Mile216 Wh/Mile
About 120-130 Wh/km at 100 km/h. Never more than
about 200 Wh/km when cresting a rise, but
Perth's pretty flat.
EV Miles
Start:207,833 Miles (334,403 Kilometers)
Current:211,786 Miles (340,763 Kilometers)
Total:3,953 Miles (6,360 Kilometers)
    As of 2/29/2020
Seating Capacity4. 2 adults in the front and two midgets in the
Curb Weight2,750 Pounds (1,250 Kilograms)
Almost the same weight as when it was a petrol
car, but weight has been shifted rearwards.
TiresFour, round. 195/65 14R
Conversion TimePlanning stages included, about 18 months. The
car was off the road for 9 months, and ready for
licensing after 11 months.
Conversion CostAUD$40,000 inclusive of all parts and labour.
Additional FeaturesLiquid cooled battery pack (water based coolant is chilled by the air
conditioning system through a heat exchanger.

Type-2 charge inlet, however because it uses an AVC2 for charge
control, it's effectively a type-1 car in type-2 clothes.
The template form lists this as my car, but it's not. It's
Francess's car and she just paid me to do the conversion for her.

It drives beautifully. Not fast, but fast enough to do all speed
limits, and very comfortable and smooth and quiet. The long range is
very nice.

code by jerry