Topspeed record
LocationBamberg , Bavaria Germany map
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Vehicle2002 Suzuki GSXR e899 K2
Motor QS 273 80H Brushless DC
DrivetrainQSMOTOR 273 80H Hubmotor
Controller Kelly KHB14601C / Kelly KLS 8080I 14401C / Emsiso
1. KHB 14601C, 144VDC/176,4VDC, 600A peak
(Problems during
2. KLS 8080I 14401C, 144VDC/176,5VDC, 400A
peak (No problems
during acceleration but to week (only 400A
peak!) but top speed after
740m (200,49 kph, GPS measured)
3. Emsiso EmDrive500, 100kVA, 120V,
500Arms/800Arms, @900Arms
(secondary current protection) actually
fastest hubmotor ev on 1/4 mile
(12,278 seconds @ 170kph)
Batteries42 Turnigy Heavy Duty 5000mAh, 6S/4S 6, 60/120C, 6.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
At the beginning I started with seven 6S
batteries in series, four
With Emsiso controller I changed to 4x6S and
1x4S in series)
System Voltage175 Volts
ChargerTurnigy 4 Core Charger
2x 4 Core charger by charging all batteries
DC/DC Converter
Separate 4S LiFePo battery (16000mAh)
Top Speed124 MPH (199 KPH)
I reached top speed by 176VDC after 740m with
Acceleration4,48 seconds (0-100kph)
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
Have never tested but can go 3 times 1/4 mile by
approximately 1,2
miles per round
Seating Capacity1 person
Curb Weight363 Pounds (165 Kilograms)
TiresHoosier 22/2.5-17 @ 3,5x17 rim
Hoosier 27.5/4.5-17 @ 4.5x17 hubmotor rim
Conversion TimePhase I: Starting 2016 (Oktober) - March 2017
after that testing ...
Phase II: Starting August 2017 - September
2017 (KLS 14401)
Phase III: Starting October 2017 - March 2018
(Emsiso EmDrive500)
Phase IV: Conversation to chain drive ....
Conversion Cost:-)

code by jerry