OwnerMike H
Owner's Other EV2013 Brammo Empulse R
LocationFront Royal, Virginia United States map
Vehicle2018 Chevrolet Bolt
Production EV manufactured by GM.
Batteries288, 3.60 Volt, Lithium-Ion
System Voltage350 Volts
Level 1, 2: J1772 plug
Level 3: CCS DC Fast charge
InstrumentationEverything you could need.
Top Speed93 MPH (149 KPH)
Limited to 93 mph.
Acceleration0-60 in 6.3 seconds. I've put a number of V8 dogs down with this car in completely stock form.
Range238 Miles (382 Kilometers)
EPA rated at 238 miles. I've personally gone
286 miles on a single charge. It's all in how and where you drive the car.
EV Miles
Current:6,496 Miles (10,452 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4
Curb Weight3,583 Pounds (1,628 Kilograms)
Additional FeaturesFront wheel drive.
In my opinion, the Chevy Bolt is probably the best all around EV on the market right now. (2018).

It has plenty of range and power. Even the cost is well within the reach of many people.

Including my commute and other mileage, I average 120 miles per day. The Chevy Bolt performs flawlessly.

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