Tony's 1980 Comuta-car
OwnerTony Perreault
LocationSilverdale, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1980 Commuter Vehicles Inc. Comuta-car
48 volt NEV
MotorGeneral Electric Series Wound DC
6 hp original motor
DrivetrainDana/Spicer differential
Original Contactors with relays
Batteries6 Trojan T875 , 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage48 Volts
Eagle performance 4818 cart charger
HeaterAir from motor
DC/DC Converter
InstrumentationStock with a voltmeter
Top Speed37 MPH (59 KPH)
37 going down hill
AccelerationYes, most times, gates hills, looking for
a solution so I can commute with it.
Range11 Miles (17 Kilometers)
May have a dragging break and it hates
EV Miles
Start:10,760 Miles (17,312 Kilometers)
Current:10,782 Miles (17,348 Kilometers)
Total:22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
    As of 1/20/2019
Seating Capacity2 seat belts
Curb Weight1,300 Pounds (590 Kilograms)
Tires13 inch
Conversion TimeOver a year, needed brake work, batteries,
new cables, leafed springs, and shocks
Conversion Cost$1000+

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