OwnerAdam Jablonski
LocationMadison, Wisconsin United States map
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Vehicle2017 Coleman 48 Quart Cooler
Coleman Performance 48 Quart cooler sitting on
top of a custom frame based on insirpation
from on barstool racer frames
Motor Revolt RV-120 Brushless DC
64 KV
Drivetrain- Revolt RV120 Pro 64 KV brushless DC motor
- Kelly KLS7230S Controller
- 2 x Multistar 16Ah 6s batteries in series
ControllerKelly KLS7230S
Batteries2 Turnigy Multistar 16000mAh 6s , 22.20 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Two batteries wired in series.
System Voltage45 Volts
Top Speed35 MPH (56 KPH)
It's geared for 38 MPH but drivetrain losses
probably bring that down to around 35. I don't
think I've ever gone over 30 through.
Accelerationtoo fast
Curb Weight95 Pounds (43 Kilograms)

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