BMS & DC/DCRear Battery BoxesFwd Battery box, controller & CVR Vac PuFwd Batteries
OwnerDavid Iredale
LocationAugusta-Margaret River, Western Australia Australia map
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Vehicle2005 Mazda RX8
The original car was purchased for the
conversion but it wasn't started for 30 months.
Motor Shenzhen Greatland GLCP25L1 3-Phase AC
MAX 80KW, 250nm, 5000rpm.
Water cooled
DrivetrainMotor drives through new flywheel & HD clutch to
the manual 6sp gearbox and std diff.
ControllerShenzen Greatland GLCP7024L11
Rod @ EV Power designed a throttle mapper to
enable the accelerator and motor controller to
Batteries90, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
100Ah / 29KWh battery pack.
24 cells under the bonnet, 24 over the rear
axle and 42 forward of the rear axle.
Battery boxes made by EV Power
EV Power designed the BMS that interfaces with
the individual cell modules.
System Voltage288 Volts
Type 2 3ph charging connection suppling 3 X
water cooled 6.6KW chargers (Ovartech AODI).
18KW @ 60A DC & 19.8KW @ 27A / phase
DC amps are adjustable from 2A to 60A
HeaterThe controller and motor heat the water that
goes through the cabin heater core, this is
sufficient to demist the windscreen in winter
in the SW of West Australia. The A/C
compressor is bolted to the motor frame
but requires a drive motor to be fitted and
the condenser to be refitted.
DC/DC Converter
The electric power steering (EPS) is connected
directly to the DC/DC.
InstrumentationEV Power battery monitor.
Brake vacuum gauge.
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
130km at 100 ~ 110kph.
160km at 80 ~ 90kph
Watt Hours/Mile288 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:68,000 Miles (109,412 Kilometers)
Current:91,250 Miles (146,821 Kilometers)
Total:23,250 Miles (37,409 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight3,521 Pounds (1,600 Kilograms)
200kg heavier than the original ICE, it's now
about 1600kg and the balance is still around
Tires225/45 R18
Conversion TimeManhours??
From ICE to EV about 32 months.
The mechanical plus some of the electrical work
was carried out by myself and most of the
electrics by EV Power.
Conversion Cost>AUS$25,000
Additional FeaturesCVR rotary vacuum pump and a vacuum reservoir.
The original oil cooler is used as a radiator.
The original engine speed sensor has been fitted to line up on the
edge of the clutch to give a tacho signal to the ECU to energise the
SW Machining in Busselton made the flywheel and fitted the CanEV
gearbox adapter plate to the motor.
Rotomotion in Maddington WA manufactured the motor frame to fit the
original 'Wankel' mountings and modified the flywheel hub.
90 LiFeP04 Original battery cells (100ah) are to be removed and set
up on the house (~30KW)
96 New NCM cells (150ah / 53KWh) to be fitted, they’re slightly
smaller and lighter almost doubling the range.

code by jerry