Almost Finished...
OwnerMike Cresswell
LocationMaidstone, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle2000 Yamaha FZS600 Fazer
MotorEnerTrac 602LQ Brushless DC
Enertrac 602 Liquid Cooled Hub Motor
DrivetrainEnertrac 602 Liquid Cooled Hub Motor.
ControllerKelly KLS14401-8080I,24V-144V,400A,SINUSOIDAL BLDC MOTOR
KLS14401-8080I,24V-144V,400A,SINUSOIDAL BLDC
Batteries13 other Nissan Leaf Modules, 107.90 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Nissan Leaf Modules
System Voltage108 Volts
ChargerKelly F107.9V/7A-900F
240V 7amp Charger
DC/DC ConverterKelly HWZ 96v
Top SpeedUnder construction - unknown but calculated to
AccelerationAs yet unknown
Range50 Miles Estimated
Watt Hours/MileUnknown
EV Miles
Current:38 Miles (61 Kilometers)
    As of 4/12/2017
Curb Weight440 Pounds (199 Kilograms)
TiresBattleaxe BT045
Conversion Time9 Months part time.
Conversion CostAround 5000 GBP Including donor bike.
Bought Donor Bike mid June 2016.
Started De Icing straight away and ordering parts for the
Update: December 2016
Been working on and off when time permits, just evenings an
weekends, refurbing the donor bike where necessary (surprisingly
little required really)
Designed and built battery box to fit 13 leaf modules, bit of a
squeeze but they do fit in the frame, millimeter perfect!
Bought a Hydraulic Hand Crimping tool for the lugs on the 50mm2
cables - a must have!!
Fitted coolant Pump.
Almost ready to power it up now.
Update: 08/01/17 First motor runs on paddock stand successful!
Update: 10/02/17 Just received my new V5 - My bike is now fully
registered and classed as an electric vehicle! Painless process
that took just 3 weeks.... Good job done by DVLA for making it
Update: 19/03/17
Paint now finished and just the side fairings to go on. Insurance
arranged from April 1st. MOT in 2 weeks time and we should be good
to go.
Update: 02/04/17
Bike completed and first test run around the block. Just the MOT
this Saturday to go now. Managed to pull over 300amps on stock
Kelly settings.
Update: 08/04/17
MOT Passed, now fully street legal

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