Out with the ICEThe First Odyssey
OwnerBrian Villegas
LocationValley Village, California US map
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Vehicle1953 Hudson Hornet
4dr Sedan
MotorCurtis 2x AC-50 (coupled dual motors) 3-Phase AC
Plan A...
DrivetrainPlanning - Curtis AC-35x2 at 144 Volt, through
stock Hudson 3sp manual w/OD

Old ICE - 308ci 6cyl flathead, 3sp manual w/OD
ControllerCurtis 2 Curtis 1239e-8521 Controllers
Plan A...
Batteries0.00 Volt,
TBD, still looking at options
System Voltage96 Volts
Top SpeedTarget top speed is 75 mph, I don't care to go
faster than that in this vehicle
AccelerationLooking for 0-60 time of <10 sec.
Curb Weight3,600 Pounds (1,636 Kilograms)
Hudson ICE is rather heavy at 700+ pounds, I
estimate 1000+ pounds will be removed with ICE
components. Hopefully, the weight will go down a
bit from stock.
Additional FeaturesPlan A - Onboard turbine engine* genset for virtually unlimited
* Alt. fuel like biodiesel, or CNG, or LPG, or veggie oil.
- HVAC (AirCon is a must in SoCal...heat, notsomuch).
- Digital Sound Generator - emits synthesized stock engine
sounds for parking lots around pedestrians, alt. sounds like Jetsons'
car, Ferrari V-12 (for laughs), clown car, etc.
- Speed Brake Regen - movable panels that channel air through
ducts to windmill-like DC generators (old idea, maybe not for this
- Steampunk style gauges and interior appointments.
- Hidden/Stowable annunciator panel.
I've been planning this project since 1996. I'd built hotrods and
VWs for 12 years by that point. I still wanted to go fast, but
without fossil fuels**.
I planned a BEV with an onboard generator. After a bit of
research, it seemed that a turbine engine would be a perfect plant
for a generator.

My first choice for starting vehicle was a classic/hotrod. I'd
also planned several common existing ICE-powered cars to do
professionally. In 2006, I bought a car dealership and garage to
develop this line of EVs.

** As a 7yo child in 1973, I clearly remember the Arab Oil
Embargo. Then, in 1990, the US occupied the areas in the Persian
Gulf over Kuwait and oil.
There was talk of the Persian Gulf War turning into WWIII, and the
institution of a draft. The draft didn't happen, but it left me
thinking of alternative ways to GO fast.

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