Bike framePack installedAlmost done...Over the battery pack
LocationLisbon, Lisbon Portugal map
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Vehicle2010 e-Fun D-5000
I used an original e-Fun D-5000
chassi/frame to make my EV Scooter named
'Morcega', with all new electric
MotorKelly Hub Motor 72V 6kW(13-inch) Brushless DC
QS Motor with KTY83-122 thermistor
ControllerKelly KEB72801X, 72V, 8kW
8kW Kelly controller with regen capability
Batteries23 CALB/Skyenergy CALB CA60FI, 3.30 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
76V system with 4,6kW/h battery pack
System Voltage76 Volts
ChargerKelly F7210-72V / 10A 220V-900W
On-board 900W/10A charger
DC/DC ConverterKelly KDCC Series DC/DC Converter 72V to 13,5V 400W 30A
InstrumentationDC Amperemeter. With that meter I can make coulomb counting
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
Excelent max speed for my 27 commute daily miles with passenger
AccelerationGood cruise and top speed but not so good
torque climbing in my motorcycle
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
For pack protection reasons, I limit my
pack to 80% of their capacity witch means
3,7kW/h pack. With that configuration, I
can use 48A and my bike does about 40
miles with one charge.
Watt Hours/Mile94 Wh/Mile
1kW => 10,6 miles
1A => 0,83 miles
EV Miles
Start:7,035 Miles (11,319 Kilometers)
Current:8,390 Miles (13,499 Kilometers)
Total:1,355 Miles (2,180 Kilometers)
    As of 9/23/2016
Seating Capacity2 seats
Curb Weight370 Pounds (168 Kilograms)
The original e-Fun had 370 lbs. After
conversion, the weight mantains.
TiresPirelli tubless SL26 130/60-13
Conversion TimeThis conversion takes 1,5 years to
complete and consumes hundreds of hours.
That's a long work but I've no experience
with this and I've a busy life...
Conversion CostAlmost USD $5,000 (glup!)
Additional FeaturesI installed a regenerative... throttle. I use a second
throttle and put it on the left side of the handlebar. When
I twist it, the bike slows down and regen energy. That's
fantastic because I almost not use brake pads. My regen
system also turns on brake lights when it is activated.

My regenerative system, uses a second DC converter (home
made) to have the necessary 5V to operate.

I also change the light bulbs and installed 2x 30W 4000LM H4

I've a small 12v 4A lead acid battery too, in my bike. With
that battery, I isolate the power circuit and I can control
it in a parallel low voltage circuit. This battery is also
charged directly from the pack.

I do not use any BMS system. I made a bottom balancing in
all cells before I charge the entire pack.
I'm very satisfied with my bike conversion. I would like to
have a little more power especially because I often go with
passenger. Maybe one day I do a conversion with an AC motor
in a diferent/better bike/frame.

code by jerry