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Vehicle1997 Sundown PGO Super Fifty
This Scooter had an 60cc gasoline engine, today is 100% electric, with one 72v 150A BLDC engine.

Motor 72200WP2016 Brushless DC
72v 150A peak (11kW)BLDC motor with 12kg, and a lot of torque, made in Brazil by Pizzino Engineering, 2500 RPM on load, isolation class H (180 degrees C) , neodymium magnets.
Drivetrainsprockets and chain

ControllerKelly KBL96251 Kelly Controls
fully programmable BLDC controller 96v 250A - with regen.

I have two controllers, I did a test with Sabvoton 72150 using "flux weakening" and loved it.

BatteriesA123 Systems AMP20M1HD-A, 76.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
24S lifepo4 A123 nano phosphate(3,2v 20A), 76v nominal, 86v 100% charged.
System Voltage76 Volts
Charger Veibao Power LIFEPO4 Charger
Lifepo4 charger 87,6v 5A chinese, works well.

DC/DC Converter
no DC/DC converter, I use 12v system for the contactor (400A), fan, lights, etc.
InstrumentationPannel with volt meter, Current meter, RPM meter, odometer, speed meter, digital temperature meter on stator windings, emergency switch.

Top Speed44 MPH (70 KPH)
Top speed not defined yet, testing various configurations of sprockets.

Top speed using Sabvoton 72150 controller is 70 km/h with "flux weakening" on, (motor in wye configuration.)
Accelerationfaster than with the gasoline engine, and faster than cars.
Range23 Miles (37 Kilometers)
the objective of this project is not "big range", the focus is the development of the BLDC motor, to get more range is easy, just buy more batteries :)
Watt Hours/Mile65 Wh/Mile
40,5 w/km
EV Miles
Start:6,843 Miles (11,010 Kilometers)
Current:7,023 Miles (11,300 Kilometers)
Total:180 Miles (289 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight211 Pounds (95 Kilograms)
more or less 100kg (Without my 74 kg).
Additional FeaturesAccelerator made with linear hall sensor and magnets(Pizzino
Engineering), much more durable than potentiometers accelerators.

BMS - Battery Management System for LIFEPO4 Cells, 200A continuous-400A peak, over current discharge protection, under voltage protection, over voltage protection and balance function.

The Scooter accelerate very well, is very fun to drive it.

The motor is 72v 150A peak (11kW)BLDC motor with 12kg, and a lot of torque, made in Brazil by Pizzino Engineering, 2500 RPM on load, isolation class H, neodymium magnets.

The project is not 100% complete, is always in constant improvement.
I'm currently using the controller "Sabvoton 72150" and using the function "flux weakening" the scooter reaches 70 km/h on flat ground using "wye" configuration, and 90km/h using "delta" configuration.







code by jerry