chargingcharger installation
OwnerBruce Kenobi
LocationQuito, Pichincha Ecuador map
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Vehicle2006 Bandit
it was a MOTOR 1 Bandit 200 cc, until I sunk my
teeth on it!
Motor Motenergy ME0709 Permanent Magnet DC
bought at cloudelectric
Drivetrainit has 14-tooth sprocket on the motor, and 56-
tooth on the rear sprocket, for a total ratio
of 1:4. Originally I wanted a 1:6 ratio, but
finding a 12 tooth sprocket proved difficult,
as it would have to have been custom-made: not
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7234
originally bought to run on 72 Volts system, but
the batteries were too heavy so I'm running it
at 48 v
Batteries4 Universal Batteries UB12550, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger CLEN 4810
onboard charger, reverse polarity pulse
charger for 48 volts and 10 Ah, for a max of 5
hours charge form 0 to 100%
It has a plug inside the used-to-be gas tank,
pretty neat, and a cord below the seat to plug
DC/DC Converter custom made
It was made here specifically to turn the 48
volts from the system to 12 volts for the
InstrumentationState-of-charge meter, trip and odometer
Top Speed38 MPH (61 KPH)
originally intended to be 60 MPH with 72 v, when
I brought it down to 48 v the top speed also
Range19 Miles (30 Kilometers)
I believe that the 55 ah of the batteries
coupled with the weight prevented a bigger
range. Still thinking on how to improve it.
Seating Capacity1 adult: Me!
TiresFront: 110/90 R 16
Rear: 130/90 R16
Conversion Time32 months
Conversion Costover 5.000

code by jerry