passenger side
OwnerD brown
LocationNewton, Utah United States map
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Vehicle1983 Toyota pickup
3/4 T long wheel base. 2wd
MotorNetgain warp 9 Series Wound DC
Drivetrainstock from the bell housing back to the rear axle.
Controller paulandsabrinas 500A kit
rev C controller
Batteries44 CALB/Skyenergy calb180, 3.40 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerElcon pfc 1500
Heatersoon to be a dryer heater run from the 144 volts
DC/DC Converter power max
Instrumentationtorque app and a data loger
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
55 isn't the maximum. No interstates here so we go
Accelerationbetter than ice
Range90 Miles (144 Kilometers)
40 to 45 mph gets 90 miles with discharge of about
Watt Hours/Milenot yet measured
EV Miles
Current:700 Miles (1,126 Kilometers)
    As of 10/19/2015
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,950 Pounds (1,340 Kilograms)
a flatbed replaced the original long bed.
Tiresstreet tires - all season radials
Conversion Timeyears - could not afford it all at once
Conversion Costover budget - but worth it
all batteries fit behind the cab and in front of the rear axle

bms and charger are in enclosures behind the rear axle

the controller and a measurement logger are under the hood with the

still needs body and paint

it gets better every time it's driven

code by jerry