LocationToronto, Ontario Canada map
Vehicle1975 Triumph Spitfire
2 seater convertible
MotorHPEVS AC50 3-Phase AC
120 ft-lbs torque, 77 hp peak
DrivetrainHPEVS AC50 w/Curtis 1238 controller and 32s 180
LiFePO4 pack
ControllerCurtis 1238
650 A peak forward current, at least 200 A
regen braking. I can adjust between neutral
(off-pedal) regen and additional regen via a
pot on the slack in my brake pedal travel. I
have a switch to defeat the pedal regen (short
the pot) for wet weather to avoid locking up
the rear wheels.
Batteries32 other Sinopoly , 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
So far I've had one cell with reduced capacity,
likely due to mechanical damage before I
repaired the rear suspension.
System Voltage105 Volts
ChargerElcon PFC2500
HeaterHairdryer for windshield defogger only
DC/DC ConverterSure Power Industries, Inc
35A- more than I need as my peak draw is under
20A. To do this again, I'd go with a larger
battery and dedicated 12V charger- no need for
an expensive DC/DC.
InstrumentationE-Expert Pro intelligent Ah meter, new
Intellitronix speedo and tach,
Curtis Spyglass, Lee Hart LED bridges on front
back packs,
Top SpeedFaster than I would feel safe driving this car.
Never tested the limits, but the car pulls about
150A on the flat at 60 mph and the controller is
capable of 500A continuous
AccelerationVery enjoyable indeed!
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Does my 38 mile commute at highway speed no
leaving the battery around 50% DOD.
Watt Hours/Mile236 Wh/Mile
That's an average over thousands of miles
EV Miles
Current:10,300 Miles (16,572 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight0
Near original- haven't weighed the car yet but
calcs have me perhaps 100 lbs over original curb
weight of 1850 lbs
TiresStandard Toyo Extensa ARs
Conversion Time1 yr, most of the time spent on restoration of
the donor car
Conversion Cost$16000 CDN
An absolute joy to drive. Using Ontario's clean electric grid, the
emits 3% of the CO2 it did preconversion, virtually zero toxic
emissions, and about 6% of the CO2 emitted by my wonderful Prius
C hybrid!

code by jerry