HurricanE DesignBeforeDe-ICEdEVSE installedTesting the controllerPhotoshop Design Rendering
OwnerAndrew Doran
LocationNelson, British Columbia Canada map
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Vehicle1987 Honda CBR600F Hurricane
MotorMars Motenergy ME1003 Permanent Magnet DC
Power 11.5KW continuous,
23KW Peak for 1 minute @ 72Volts
Voltage 12-72 Volts
Speed 3050 rpm at 72V Unloaded
Size 8" OD, 7.42" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft 7/8"x 1-5/8", 3/16" key
Weight 36 Lb.
DrivetrainElectric PMDC motor, chain driven rear wheel
Single Speed
ControllerAlltrax AXE7245
Programmable via RS232 using PC
Integrated anodized heat-sink
Fully encapsulated epoxy fill
Advanced MOSFET power transistor

Type: DC "SERIES WOUND" motor controller
Under-voltage cutback: adjustable
16-60 VDC
Over-voltage shutdown: adjustable
30-90 VDC
Standby Current (Powered Up): < 35mA
Throttle Input:
ITS (inductive)
Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%)
5K-0 ohm (+/-10%)
Operating Temperature: -25C to 75C, 95C
Adjustable via software:
Throttle acceleration / deceleration rate
and map profile
Armature current limit
Brake current limit
Under / Over-voltage shutdown
High Pedal Disable
Batteries11 Nissan Leaf Modules - by NEC Japan, 84.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
90v 60ah - 5.4KWH Nissan Leaf Cells


60a/h rated - 7.6V - 500 W/h - max continuous
power 1875W or 240A
Peak current 540A

Made in Japan from Nissan for LEAF EV CAR

Maximum voltage 4.2V per cell
90% of the capacity voltage - 4.2-3.7V

Each module contain 4 prismatic cells,
connected 2S2P
Each prismatic battery has rated capacity
30A/h and 3.8V nominal voltage
System Voltage84 Volts
Elcon PFC1500
universal input voltage for J1772 level 2
charging, and 110v standard North American
outlet opportunity charging.

I have 2 1500w chargers, will start with one,
may add the second one later if I add more
batteries. (Sold the Second Charger to raise
$$ for more parts)
HeaterWhat heater? Suck it up princess!
DC/DC ConverterVicor V72B15E250BL2
It is a V72B15E250BL2

72v nominal input (43-100v input range)
15v 250w output ( voltage can easily be
trimmed down with a single resistor. I will
trim it to 13.8 probably )
Has Disable pin

It nice and small, 2.28" x 2.2" x 0.5" (57,9 x
55,9 x 12,7 mm)
InstrumentationCustom Ardunio based Instrumentation and Battery
Monitoring System. No active cell balancing.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Estimate - expected based on other builds with
similar components.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
Estimate - expected based on other builds with
similar components.
Watt Hours/MileTBD
EV Miles
Current:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 up only
Curb Weight0
TBD - Rolling Chassis is approx 160lbs - 73kg

Aiming for < 160kg - 350lbs curb weight
TiresShinko 705 Dual Sport
80% road : 20% dirt
Conversion TimeSlowly accumulating parts over the past bunch of
as funds allow. Set to get at it winter 2018
for spring 2019 riding.
Conversion CostChassis - $150
Inverted fork conversion - $200
Batteries - $1290
Motor - $600
Controller - $250
Chargers - $250
DC-DC - $150
Throttle - $10

Running Total=$ 2900.00

Tires & Misc Bike parts <=> $500

Single Sided Swingarm - $Don't want to talk
about it!

Sold a bunch of old parts from donor +$400

Target of <=> $4k(max $5k) for the the whole

Might add another $1290 of batteries at a
later date.
Additional FeaturesLED lighting
Custom BMS
Custom Sub Frames and Bodywork
Fun paint (vs. boring flat black)

Single sided swingarm for extra cool factor.
Bought! and shipped at considerable expense form Greece to Canada.
Bike is currently under construction. I'm aiming to hit the
streets Summer 2019

. 12/15/2014 - Bought chargers, added info.

. 6/01/2015 - Charger and battery pack assembled and working, I
bought a single sided swingarm and need to have some custom
made to mount it to my frame. Working on the rear fairing which I
needed to determine the build of the rear sub-frame. Traded up to
a much smaller DC-DC converter.
Need to pick up a few things like lights, but pretty much all of
the components are in the garage. I have a chain of events that
have to happen in order for me to get it complete.

. Fall 2018 - After moving fall 2015, and spending 3 years
singlehandedly rebuilding a 130 year old farmhouse, I should
finally have time this winter to complete the bike.

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