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LocationCambridge, Massachusetts United States map
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Vehicle Chibikart
An upgrade of the Chibikart frame to demonstrate a competent R/C based sensorless drive system with 2-speed robotic drivetrain transmissions
MotorTurnigy NTM 5065-380 Brushless DC
DrivetrainRear wheel chain drive, 2 motor
ControllerTurnigy dLux 160A HV
Largest of the dLux line, chosen for amperage overhead and to test robustness of the type class.
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
2 leftover 10S 5Ah Turnigy Nanotech packs
System Voltage37 Volts
Top Speed35 MPH (56 KPH)
15mph in first gear
35mph in second gear
AccelerationSomething wheelie-limited.
Seating Capacity1?
Curb Weight45 Pounds (20 Kilograms)
Tires6x2 pneumatic caster tires
Additional FeaturesDual front disk brakes; cable actuated.
Uses a very high gear ratio with fast sensorless motors to avoid startup "cogging" associated with sensorless R/C type controllers, then a low gear ratio for top speed and powerband.

Each motor powers a Vex "Ball Shifter" 2 speed transmission, which powers 1 rear wheel wheel. Shifting is mechanical.

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