WarP11Rear Battery PackUnder the Hood
OwnerThad Thigpen
LocationDallas, Texas United States map
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Vehicle1998 BMW 540i
e39 540i 6 speed sports package now running ~300V @
MotorWarfield Warp11 Brushless DC
Drivetrain6 Speed
ControllerEvnetics Soliton1
Batteries92 GBS GBS-LFMP100AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage300 Volts
Charger EMW SmartCharge-12000
HeaterMES RM3 HV 4kW
DC/DC ConverterTDK HWS-1500
InstrumentationStock cluster driven by an Arduino + Nexus 7 running Torque app
head unit replacement.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Not tested yet
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
Not tested yet
Seating Capacity4 adults
TiresCurrently Stock
Conversion Time18 months.
Conversion Cost24K+
Additional FeaturesMasterflux sierra AC compressor and controller.
Elithion BMS
Toyota Power Steering Pump
VBS Vacuum assist.
Still work in progress.... Videos and Webpage to come when more data collected and limits

code by jerry