OwnerTim Chapin
LocationBrighton, Michigan United States map
Vehicle1949 Ford 8n
My little work horse. It main job is launching and retrieving boats, and putting in and removal of boat lifts.
MotorBriggs and Stratton e-tek Permanent Magnet DC
Original e-tek that was just gathering dust.
Drivetrain48v e-tek running 2 trannys direct drive with no clutch
48v used controller gotten off of ebay.
Batteries8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Currently running on 4 old car batteries.
System Voltage48 Volts
a pair of 24v floor scruber automatic chargers
Heaterthe sun
DC/DC Converter
everything is 48v. The lights are 24v LED bulbs run in series to get the 48v
Instrumentationgolf cart state of charge and amp meter
Accelerationvery good.
RangeCalulations put it at 45 minutes at full power. The jobs i do with it hardly works it. I have yet to run out of battery on the old 12v car batteries. I run out of traction before running out of power.
Seating Capacity1.
Conversion TimeA couple of years in my spare time. was completed last fall but tore down last winter to make it pretty.
Conversion Costnot that much. all used parts.
Additional FeaturesTo match the rpm of the motor to what the tractor is use to; we had a 1940 Plymouth transmission mounted in front of the stock tranny. Clutchless setup but after working it a bit with a scoop scraper, I need to come up with an electric clutch. Basically a second pot hooked to the original clutch pedal. The way it will function just like a regular tractor. After that I will be building an adjustable front hitch for easier boat moving. The hitch will be run by electric rams and be similar to the 3 pt on the back.

code by jerry