OwnerEd Thorpe
Owner's Other EVs1998 Honda EVplus
2000 Corbin Sparrow
2001 Xootr eX3
1973 Aurenthetic Charger
1998 Ford Ranger EV
1974 Fiat Bertone X1/9
2012 Yikebike Fusion
LocationAlameda, California United States map
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Vehicle1993 Kewet EL-JET3
MotorD&D Motor Systems, Inc. 72v, air cooled Series Wound DC
Original motor was a Thrige-Titan 7.5 Kilowatt Series Wound DC (Danish make). Upgraded.
DrivetrainOriginally Direct drive, gear reduction/differential. Upgraded with el-jet5 gearbox and axles.
ControllerCafe Electric Z1K-LV
Original controller was a Curtis 1205 with plug braking.
Batteries24 Saft STM 5-100 MR, 6.00 Volt, Nickel-Cadmium, Flooded
Originally outfitted as 48v with Trojan T-125 Flooded Lead-Acid pack, upgraded.
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC-30
Originally 48v Zivan BC-1, upgraded. AVCON inlet to make use of public charging.
DC/DC ConverterDC Power Systems
Instrumentationa) Speedometer/Odometer b) Battery SOC (10 led scale)
Top Speed35 MPH (56 KPH)
(still to be tested)
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children
Curb Weight1,400 Pounds (636 Kilograms)
Tires145/80R13 (original)
Conversion TimeProduction EV (from Denmark), upgraded.
Still being upgraded, with new motor/gearbox mounting.

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