j1772 plug in gas inletfront pack and electricalrear pack and chargerhomemade buss bar
OwnerKick Gas EV Co-Op San Diego
Owner's Other EVs1984 Volkswagen Rabbit
1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet
2003 Volkswagen Beetle
1984 Datsun Pickup
1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Ford Mustang
LocationSan Diego, California United States map
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Vehicle1964 Ford Falcon Futura
Original rearend. T5 trans from mustang (evalbum.com/3483).Each
gear can go approximately 20mph more than the last with the last ten
mph having little torque remaining. It has a horrible vibration at speed.
MotorGeneral Electric Series Wound DC
It’s likely a GE motor the size of Warp 11. I counted 65 commutator
bars and measured a 5” diameter of the commutator. It came with very
professional looking adapter to the transmission. There is no fan inside
this motor so I installed a 150cfm jabsco fan. Ventilation has helped. I
blew through H38 brushes in about five thousand miles. Could have
been worse... Aiming for H60 compound now.
ControllerCurtis 1231c
Upgraded by mosher custom electronics for 225v/800amp limits.
Batteries58 Winston 100ah, 190.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Bottom balancing completed December 9th 2013. Thank you to Doug
E., Richard R and the guys at EV West for the BB loaner tool.
Awesome. Lost a cell in summer of 2018 likely due to running the
battery too low. Lost another cell in summer 2019. Running 58 cells as
of Summer 2019.
System Voltage190 Volts
ChargerRussco SC50
240 volt input. With 60 lithium cells I was getting almost 15 amps dc
with 240 line volts. It has the PBa charge curve (oops lesson learned
there) while RUSSCO suggests a lithium curve to stop charge sooner
when max voltage is hit. I never did that Russco is no more and I am
casually looking for a charger.
DC/DC ConverterZivan Ng1
lucky it has been agreeable with the 200+ volt pack.
InstrumentationLink10 did not work for me. JLD404 only reports voltage accurately.
Westach voltmeter does not work but ammeter does work.
Top Speed95 MPH (152 KPH)
Fresh front end alignment and new full set of tires (175-70-13) as of
December 23 2013. Easily does 80mph. It seems to rev out towards the
top 20mph of each gear.
AccelerationNo problem in traffic during the commute. Pretty comfortable using third
gear at all times until 60 mph.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
Cruising 65mph on flat ground takes under 100 amps; around an hour
of cruise time. Have driven over 50 on a charge.
Watt Hours/MileIt will maintain highway speed around 100 amps. Assuming 100ahrs at
60mph, lets say 60 miles on less than 20kWhrs.
EV Miles
Start:60,772 Miles (97,782 Kilometers)
Current:67,134 Miles (108,018 Kilometers)
Total:6,362 Miles (10,236 Kilometers)
    As of 1/16/2020
Seating Capacity5 adults
Curb Weight3,200 Pounds (1,454 Kilograms)
Estimated but never weighed.
Conversion Timesix months and chin scratching.
Conversion CostAround $10k. Upgraded curtis controller, new battery pack, new motor
and transmission (previously mustang linked above), custom driveshaft,
sheet metal for battery box, gages (volts, amps), 1000amp shunt,
jld404 meter, clutch and brake member to convert car to manual
transmission, sold transmission, sold some of old pba pack, sold old
It’s a piece of Americana that makes people smile and surprises me each time. Thanks to
kickgasclub.com, Doug E, Abran Q, Jack H, John F, Drew A, Sean W., Chris B, Richard R.,
(evalbum.com/3517), Spider, Frank D, Herman P., Vickie R. (evalbum.com/3254), Gerry S, Sammy B,
Michael M. Mike P., Sara (extra special) and everyone on EValbum converting unique cool cars for the
inspiration. There were certainly lessons learned and in the end, learning is often only possible with
facing failure and drinking beers.

code by jerry