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Owner's Other EVYardMan Electric
LocationMenomonie, Wisconsin United States map
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Vehicle1979 Honda CX500
Shaft drive, lighter then stock, lithium
battery powered with an EZ-Go golf cart
drive and a fully enclosed steel battery
MotorAdvanced DC A95-4005A Series Wound DC
Off the shelf used 2HP (rated) EZ-Go
golf cart motor pulled when a golf course
got a new fleet of carts and some of the
carts got turned in to off road hunting
electric ATV's, so they had larger motors
swapped in, the old motors then collect
My design allows for the current motor to
be removed easily and a new golf cart
motor of choice be bolted on without any
modifications other then to the speed
controller if a different type of motor is
This is one of the lowest power golf cart
motors out there, at 36v it looks like it
might be 1.5hp, common and cheap but it
runs hot.
DrivetrainCustom CNC machined aluminum adapter plate
with custom adapter shaft between the golf
cart motor and the stock drive shaft in
rear swing arm.
ControllerAlltrax AXE 4844
Programmable 400 amp controller
designed to be a drop in replacement for
stock golf cart speed controllers
Batteries16 GBS GBS-LFMP100AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
4 groups of 4 cells to make up the 48v
installed the battery management system
Elite Power Solutions with CAN BUS
communication to charger.
System Voltage48 Volts
Chargerunknown EMC48-15
Charger from Elite Power Solutions, not
on charger brand, has CAN BUS
to the battery management system to
charging rate based on cell voltage
of total pack voltage.
HeaterThe clothing you wear.
DC/DC ConverterSure Power Industries, Inc 41010C00
Weather proof, SAE listed, vibration
resistant and everything else that you
want for an EV! 10 amp output with both
switched and unswitched options, the
weather proof plug is nice but hard to
find as a replacement part so make sure
that you get one with the converter and
that the plug comes with the crimp on
InstrumentationElite Power Solutions battery management
systems LCD display showing pack voltage,
current, state of charge, alarms/errors,
max cell voltage, max cell temperature and
it has the option to change screens to
show a list of all cells in the pack with
each cells voltage and temperature.
Turns out the LCD they sell is not water
tight and after getting rained on it
stopped working, bought a new LCD for $15
online for a 3.5" instead of the 4.3"
Top Speed60 MPH (96 KPH)
Met my goal speed, gear ratio can not be
changed easily due to it being a shaft
drive motorcycle but speed could be
increased with a bump up in system
voltage, motor can handle around 75mph
before over speeding the motor becomes an
issue, my state's speed limit tops out at
65mph and I don't like ridding next to
large trucks so I tend to avoid freeways.
Some of the upgrade motor options can spin
faster giving me a top speed of over
AccelerationDecent with a programmable controller, on
with a 250cc gas motorcycle
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Range is currently an estimation, 70 mile
range would be at 45mph and 50 mile range
would be at 65mph.
Real life looks to be more like 35 miles
around town, maybe 50 miles at 45mph
country road joy rides.
Watt Hours/Mile200 Wh/Mile
Watt Hours Per mile has not been fully
tested, estimated at 100 to 150 watt hours
per mile at 45mph and 65mph.
My stated watt hours per mile of 200 at 45
is what I got with the first 5 miles and
was tested using a Kill-A-Watt at the
wall, battery management system wastes
some power top balancing, so in theory if
I put more miles on between charging I'll
use less energy per mile.
EV Miles
Start:28,800 Miles (46,339 Kilometers)
Current:30,005 Miles (48,278 Kilometers)
Total:1,205 Miles (1,938 Kilometers)
    As of 7/9/2015
Seating Capacityhas stock buddy pegs and is at or under
weigh so a passenger is not an issue.
Curb Weight445 Pounds (202 Kilograms)
The stock weight is 445 pounds and I did a
before and after with a questionable
bathroom scale that seemed to say I was
within a few pounds after the conversion,
then add gas, oil and coolant and I could
be as much as 50 pounds lighter then stock
wet weight.
TiresPirelli rear tire, forget what the front
Conversion Time4 years of planning and design, 3 months
of buckling down to order connectors,
fasteners, trouble shooting and making
phone calls, 2 weeks of working most days
on final assembly with an estimated 200+
hours total so far in the project.
Conversion Cost$3,500 not including the cost of the frame
($100 without a title, bought another for
$250 with a title) and I'll be able to
a bunch of used engine parts to recoup
cost that I did not subtract from my cost.
I built this motorcycle up a year ago with
lead acid batteries and the price came in
at $1,572 with 400 pounds of Trojan T105

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