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OwnerPeter Buhagiar
LocationSydney , New South Wales Australia map
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Vehicle1995 Holden Rodeo
standard cab chassis, with a car body sedan cut down and hinged to form a clam shell back
MotorAdvanced DC Series Wound DC
CNC adaptor plate and customised coupling
DrivetrainStandard Gearbox, no cluch and std diff
ControllerEvnetics Solition 1
added water cooling
Batteries24 6V, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Lion Batteries, 810. Strong cases and the charge profile suites the ZevanNG3.
System Voltage144 Volts
ChargerZivan NG3
Beware the back EMF, ensure you isolate the charge buss bar
Heaterceramic core - fantastic
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
AccelerationExcellent on these batteries.
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
approx 60 Kms, expecting huge improvement with these over previous types
EV Miles
Start:214,371 Miles (344,922 Kilometers)
Current:245,165 Miles (394,470 Kilometers)
Total:30,794 Miles (49,547 Kilometers)
    As of 12/31/2014
Seating Capacity3 adults
Curb Weight3,800 Pounds (1,727 Kilograms)
1,800 Kgs
TiresToyo, quiet and hood pressure
Conversion Time12 months, with some assistance from a company to assist with motor instal and wiring
Conversion Costinitial 18,000 now hitting 30K
Additional Featurescustomised back.
The car has had 4 battery banks, and travelled some 37,000 it is my daily drive, I have used Trojan, supreme and now Excide 6V 225,with this bank almost dead after 18 months I am looking at a replacement set, not prepared to go lithium, I am looking at the Lion 810s

changing the motor mount to a single front ring and two torque forks to control the rotation more control and less work

Repainting of the rear canopy due to poor painting techniques from previous painter - improved look

Replaced back window due to rust - replaced with Stainless Steel

December 31 2014 another year has gone past batteries are still giving 40 Kms range best set so far, work well with Zivan charger odometer today 394556 distance travelledas an electric 49,559 Kms

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