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OwnerCharles Woltman
LocationPhoenix, Arizona United States map
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Vehicle2010 Motorino BTr
electric power-assisted bike
Frame: High tensile steel
electric bike designed by Yamaha as a dirt bike

Body Panels:: ABS with two coats epoxy paint
Frame: Motorcycle high tensile steel frame
Telescopic tube motorcycle-style front suspension
MotorBaldor 500W Brushless DC
60V brushless with CCT�
Torque � 58Nm

The major innovation of the CCT� system is that the controller tailors its power output according to the loading it can sense from the motor and the rider�s selection of drive mode.
DrivetrainCCT 500W 60V brushless
Controllerunknown Greenwit Technologies/CPU operated
The CCT� controller employs PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to shape the output waveforms in unique ways. It creates asymmetrical waves of varying �duty cycle� to continuously and perfectly match the motor�s demands.
Batteries5 Universal Power UB12180, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Volts 12
Amps 18
Weight 15.2Lbs
Length 7.13
Width 3
Height 6.59
Terminal NB
System Voltage60 Volts
DC/DC Converter
60/12V 10A converter
InstrumentationDashboard indicators: speedometer, battery capacity indicator, turn signals indicators
Top Speed22 MPH (35 KPH)
That is on the road
32 km/hr based on flat and 75kg load

Range32 Miles (51 Kilometers)

50 to 70km* on flat with 75kg load
Climbing ability
Watt Hours/Mileunsure
EV Miles
Start:1 Miles (1 Kilometers)
Current:49 Miles (78 Kilometers)
Total:48 Miles (77 Kilometers)
    As of 6/22/2013
Seating Capacity1
Double seat 95 cm above ground
Curb Weight144 Pounds (65 Kilograms)
Dimensions & Weight
without battery: 144lbs
with battery: 220lbs

* Loading capacity: 350lbs

Tires17� aluminum motorcycle wheel
Tubeless all weather 2.5� wide tires
Motorcycle grade DOT approved 8 layers tires with ABS protective shield

Mechanical: front hydraulic disk and rear drum with wide motorcycle pads
Electric: rear regenerative
Conversion TimeN/A
Conversion Cost800.00 Bike
260.00 Shipping
Additional FeaturesSecurity
* Integrated lock in the handlebar
* Lock on underseat storage
* Vibration sensitive alarm

Standard Features
* Lights: Head - high/low beam, direction lights, tail, brake - 12V bulbs
* Mirrors with built-in direction lights and running lights
* Dashboard indicators: speedometer, battery capacity indicator, turn signals indicators
* Pedals: Clip type
* Seat : Double seat 95 cm above ground
* Storage: under the seat, glove box, cargo box
* Built in remote vibration sensitive alarm

Built in remote vibration-sensitive alarm
Rain cape � poncho type
Rain cover for the bike

all the tech data for the motor and Batteries and all the other parts came from the manufacturer site

500Watt 60Volt high torque brushless hub motor
Max torque �66 Nm
Motor consumption: 1000W per 100km
Battery - 60V 20AmpHour
Battery capacity: 1320Wh
Battery protection: Low voltage cut off protection
Charger: 120 Volt A/C input, 74 Volt 3 amp output
Charging time: up to 6 hrs
Circuit protection: automatic breaker


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