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LocationAlice Springs, Northern Territory Australia map
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Vehicle1999 Daelim VR125
Full framed Enduro Bike with full Fairing to
hide most of the electrics...was 13HP 4
stroke 4 valve with 10Nm of Torque
MotorHPEVS ac-15 3-Phase AC
Peak HP 15
Peak TQ 38 ft lbs
Motor Weight 46lbs
This Kit included
- Curtis AC Controller
- Hiperformance EVs AC15 6.7" x 11" NEMA-
C twist grip
- Curtis Spyglass 840 Display (dispays:
Amps, Voltage, RPM, Controller Temp, &
Motor Temp)
- Wiring Harness and wiring instructions
DrivetrainDirect Chain Driven and as you may of
noticed mounted the motor a fair way
forward...this is due to the narrowness of
this bike compared to the motor...I would
of lost my foot peg on that side otherwise!
So opted to use a long chain and used an
idler to minimize chain slap and rattle...
ControllerCurtis 1236-3601
48-80v (using 72V config)300A peak
Controller Weight 9.1lbs
Batteries3 2 A/Hour LiPo , 22.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
System Voltage66 Volts
Charger JCKE7206
DC Output voltage-maximum: 88.2V+/-0.3V
DC Output Current-maximum: 6A+/- 0.5A
AC Input voltage-nominal: 240VAC
AC Input Frequency: 50~60HZ
Mechanical Dimensions: 220x120x70mm
Net Weight: 2.5KG.
Operating Temperature: 57.2F~113F
Storage Temperature: -40F~158F(-40~70C)
Charging mode
CC (constant current) stage: 6 A
CV (constant voltage) Stage: 88.2, 6A
Float point: 82.8V!
DC/DC Converter
Industry grade DC 72V to 12V step-down
More than 90% power conversion
Built-in over/under voltage input,
overload, overhead, and short circuit full
Used in vehicles, security systems,
telecommunications, medical equipment's,
instruments etc
Ultra compact size, light weight
Auto-recovery when device is back to
normal operating
Stable and reliable performance
Simple to install
Input voltage: 72V DC
Input range: 24-88V DC
Output voltage: 12V DC
Output current: 10A (Max) /
Case material:aluminum
InstrumentationCurtis and original with 2 amp meters to
monitor both SLA's and Cap Currents are
balanced for the conditions...Also
considering wiring up a 12v meter for
individual SLA measurements thus looking
for diminished capacity on each battery
Top Speed74 MPH (119 KPH)
Mild Acceleration but have added an 80
Ultra-cap pack to allow Max Amps on Max
Acceleration for 20-30 seconds...then the
main SLA pack or re-genitive replenishes
these again
AccelerationHaven't taken a reading yet but still very
Mild at low end but great mid range...will
need to play around with sprocket ratios
and Programming bit more!!...will report
Range10 Miles (16 Kilometers)
With 20AH sla's this was only ever to be a
short range bike for commuting to and from
work...but always looking to make it more
Watt Hours/Mile21600 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:4,147 Miles (6,672 Kilometers)
Current:4,336 Miles (6,976 Kilometers)
Total:189 Miles (304 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight353 Pounds (160 Kilograms)
160kg and original weight was 152kg...happy
about that!
Conversion Time2 years in the making but about 50
personal Man Hours. Had final inspection
4/3/13 and was passed! Could do my own
engineering report as well so that saved big
$$$ (finally that bloody degree pays off! :)
Conversion Cost$ only
Additional FeaturesDesigned With an Ultra Capacitor Bank between the main SLA's
and the Controller to Buffer the high current needed for
acceleration....will finally have a current limiting CCT to
regulate at no more than 100A to save the SLA's from meltdown
but currently using a limiting resister cct (gets hot thus
inefficient) but still have the high current for quick bursts
of acceleration when needed...the Caps used were Maxwell 3000F
2.7V (thus needed to fit 30 of these to get over 80v) (see
photos this magic act...!) recycled from a Electric Bus. But
using amp and volt meters on each Bank to monitor this seems
to be working as designed with just a small limiting resister
(used out of a High Current AMMETER and 2 x 70A Blocking
Diodes to stop the flow back to the batteries...this idea of
blocking the regenerative back to the SLA's is that the caps
can capture this Kinetic Energy with much or efficiency and as
when you break (REGEN) usually the next thing you do is take
off again so why not use the CAPS to so this...
Overall pretty chuffed to have the First Road Registered EV
Bike in the Northern Territory (that motor reg knows of
anyway!)And I'm now enjoying the ride! Will soon Paint it up to
a single colour and get some Suitable Propaganda stuck to it!

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