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Vehicle1992 Mazda MX-3 1.8 V6
Motor AKOE 132 2.2.100024 3-Phase AC
28KW, 75V, 3phase motor by Fleckmachines

Now rewound to 180V per phase for total battery pack of 370Vdc.
DrivetrainFront transverse drive
Controller Homemade 3phase inverter
Zapi ACe5 90kW MOSFET controler programmed
with torque software. Motor set up after 2
weeks testing. Now drives excellent.
Consumption cca 140A at 100km/h on a flat
road. It seems i tweaked the PID settings
so motor doesnt draw current as much on a
flat road.

With ramping done and fine tuned motor
draw at 120km/h is now 140A. I just gained
some range.

I built my inverter according to Johannes Huebner kit. It is 300A up to 500VDC.
Batteries100 Kokam Kokam unique cells SLPB 125255255 85Ah, 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
This cell is made for 1,5C continuous and max 3C discharge.
Cells do not like overcurrent and can destroy demselves if pushed over C limit!
Since i have max 300A IGBTs and relatively high voltage this is not a problem :).
System Voltage370 Volts
Charger DIY offshot of EMW charger
Charger is now homemade EMW 10kW
3phase charger, charging at 370VDC 28A. At
96%SOC BMS signals charger and it then
tapers to 8A.
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell Meanwell 600W watertight model
Good waterproof DCDC. Its quality is that it can be started remotely evfen if there is no 12V present :).
Instrumentationoriginal + EV display
Trying to make tachometer work by using
controller signal - 3 pulse/rotation.

EDIT: I used DIY fitting and aluminum
signal roller with riveted Fe plates. It
gives 3 pulses/rev and RPM indicator works
as before!

Motor temperature is indicated by a multicolour LED driven from inverter port.
Top Speed100 MPH (160 KPH)
For now! I have controller limited when
I made 900A fuse by paraleling two 500A.
V/Hz is still limited to 185Hz. I now run
with 700ARMS. I suspect 100mph final speed
on flat road. However amp draw is
humongous at that speed.

EDIT: I got to 160km/h and kept it there
for like a minute or so. Amp draw is
substantial and temperature went toward
140deg C. I got it limited to 180Hz now
which is cca 160km/h in 5th gear :).

EDIT 2: I finally got to 180km/h and kept
it there for 2 minutes. Its scary, almost
no sound but terrain goes past lightning

Now i have controller limited to 80kW and slip is tapered from 3500Rpm so i dont exceed 250A!
AccelerationThat is the best part. Motor has the
same torque as 1,8 V6 before, but from
0rpm. I measured 7s to 100km/h
(60mph). Car pulls really well.
Additionaly i set the settings so i can
just burn rubber from take off, if i want.
There is some traction control if one
wheel loose traction ie. on sand, power to
motor is cut for a brief moment and
restored when traction is good. Electronic
ABS i guess.

Acceleration is still very good despite rewinding.
Range160 Miles (257 Kilometers)
At least, but with highway speeds i think
miles is more likely.

EDIT: Put 2 more 200Ah batteries in so the
range should be cca 100miles.

EDIT2: Since i drive with LiPo pack in
paralel i get cca 200km range at 100km/h
on highway!

EDIT3: Range with 30kW batttery is 200km easily. Highway draws lots of amps though and i have to be carefull still. I think range is on par with new Kia Soul.
Watt Hours/Mile300 Wh/Mile
This is indicated. I will check the speed
with GPS.

CCA 185Whr/km
EV Miles
Start:143,000 Miles (230,087 Kilometers)
Current:186,000 Miles (299,274 Kilometers)
Total:43,000 Miles (69,187 Kilometers)
    As of 5/27/2016
Seating Capacity2+2 since MX-3 isnt meant to carry
grownups in the back.
Curb Weight2,500 Pounds (1,136 Kilograms)
cca stock curb weight!
Tires195/55R15 Continental something

EDIT: I use 185/65R14 Dunlop Winter
response 2 and i get only 3% reduction in
range for autumn conditions. Well see how
it goes, in summer i will replace old 195
tires with 185 dimension...

I use 195/55R15 Dunlop Blue response now and i see a big range increase.
Conversion Time11 months working + 1 year planning and
gathering info... Still ongoing mods...
Conversion Cost16K euro including car cost

+ 10K€ for 100 new LiPo cells, hope they last better than chineese...
Additional FeaturesI use DIY BMS as a bottom balance assist. Designed by
Neville Harlick from New Zealand and assembled by me. It
shows total voltage, cell voltages, cell temperature and is
able to disconnect charger at preset cell voltage. Can be
to connect to a PC using serial port.

Charging port setup for 50A dc charging using separate 8kW
3phase charger. Charger is work in progress still.

EDIT: BMS now works top balancing and keeps my cells safe for
two years now. Charger is controlled by two relays, one off
signal and one reduction to 2A signal.

EDIT 2014: RPM indicator works perfectly with hall sensor and
3 magnets on motor shaft. Dont know how i went without it.

EDIT 2016:
I use LiPo cells now and i see greater energy density.
New water cooled inverter goes up to 500VDC and more if one would want it. I see much less amps and motor heating.
Inverter can work in cruise control and i use it very much :).

code by jerry