Finished with repainted fron bumperZEVA EVBMSICE still in placeICE out -parts for sale!!Kostov 9" - shorter than mostSpare wheel area where 11 batteries willCompleted Cargear box apart so adaptor plate can be mFinished adaptor and coupler
OwnerDenis Wooldridge
LocationNovar Gardens, South Australia Australia map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2003 Daewoo Matiz 150
White 5 door SE model
MotorKostov 9 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainFront wheel , no power steering
ControllerZeva MC600SP
Good for vehicles up to 1000kg
Batteries45 CALB/Skyenergy 100AH, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage144 Volts
Charger TC Charger
Heater144v ceramic inset into former water heater. Mosfet relay along with micro switch added, also panel lit LED to switch on. Tested - Works!
DC/DC Converter PowerMax
35amp charger from RV Supplier in USA.
Usually 135v ac to 12v dc but other users
have this doing 144vDC to 12v DC perfectly well
InstrumentationBasic JLD404AH Intelligent Ampere Hour Meter
Also included a digital thermometer in series with the heater wiring.The sensor is located immediately fixed outside of the heater box where the ceramic element is. Another safety measure in case the ceramic element over cooks!
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Only had it up to 80 kph (60 mph) and runs great
AccelerationNo less than when ICE installed
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
unknown truly at this stage
EV Miles
Start:76,250 Miles (122,686 Kilometers)
Current:76,466 Miles (123,033 Kilometers)
Total:216 Miles (347 Kilometers)
    As of 7/13/2014
Seating Capacity4( now reduced to 2 as back seat area now houses the batteries)
Curb Weight2,024 Pounds (919 Kilograms)
100 KG (220lb) over pre conversion weight , with this 100kg only increase at back axles as no increase at front axle weight
Tires155 x 13"
Conversion Timestarted October 2012 , first wheel turn under pack voltage 13 March 2014. First road run 19 April 2014
Conversion CostI HATE TO THINK ! Thankfully I have a tolerant wife.
Additional FeaturesMESA 12v Vacuum pump
ZEVA EVBMS that manages the BMS and interlocks with the controller , is a pre-charger and has charge & drive enable features. Have an after market tacho installed as originally none in vehicle (note in such a vehicle include a load resistor to get proper tacho readings).
Basic small shopping trolley type car. Body condition
excellent so good start as donor car.
13/Nov/12 ICE removed. Motor awaiting pickup
13/12/12 Kostov 9 arrived, have a coupling at the engineers
to work with clutch centre to make complete coupling
17/12/12 one half of coupling bored so as clutch plate
spline section will fit. Did not machine this part entirely
but left a sort of cross. The end of coupling then machined
to take this cross and machine screws hold the spline now in
the coupling
20/12/12 gearbox.coupling and Kostov 9 now with engineer to
fabricate a mounting plate etc.
12/4/13 still waiting on engineer to fabricate plate
18/05/13 Motor & Gearbox back from engineer - great work but super expensive -also had him also
fabricate A/C pully for opposite end of drive shaft. Now bench running the motor to bed in brushes (15/7 a/c not happening as engine bay too narrow )
18/5/13 Dismantled dash board to extract heater from the heater/air con housing. Installed ceramic
144v heater into body of old water heater, micro switch on case of housing to prevent heater cooking
the housing without airflow, and led lit switch on dash panel as additional safety measure. Now to
move onto mounting motor/gearbox in car! Have massively modified project time line out!!( note had to abandon a/c plans as engine bay too narrow)
18/8/13 Further welding on replacement battery box. Original plan to mount 1/2 batteries below car dropped. Removed back seat and will now proceed on basis of two seater.
29/12 Completed battery box months ago. Passivated then installed
HV wiring through a Circuit breaker and also shunt (for meter) completed.
Started to wire up the Cell interconnectors and BMS signal wiring.
Some progress on mounting the electrical hardware in engine bay.
Feb 2014 electrical hardware mounted and complete .
Batteries connected after 4 high voltage sparking episodes , one of which blew up a loan torque wrench- lesson here - wrap everything in insulation, cover connections and be aware when you have terminal poles above everything else!
Had to replace a BMS module so ordered a spare as well.
Meters in car installed . Waiting on a tacho now. Also found the heater caused smoke in cab. Found that the alleged high temp silicone is great for gaskets in ICE's but not for electrical elements. Replaced this silicone with flame proof mastic made by Clipsal. 24/April/2014, 18 months after start - finished !!!!
Approval given by Govt Vehicle registration authorities - now legal!

code by jerry