OwnerGary Thomas
LocationBeckley, West Virginia United States map
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Vehicle1981 Ford Escort
Jet Industries {now defunct} converted
this brand new Ford Escort to be a "
Jet Electria ".
According to the prior ownerr, this
vehicle was stored in an Auto Museum in
Auburn , Indiana. It's in splendid
condition, given that it's 31 years old
..... only 9618 miles on the
MotorPrestolite Series Wound DC
Drivetrain20 KW Prestolite, Can be upgraded up to
28 HP [horsepower] if 144 Volts with 12
batteries is your design strategy. Why
barely maintain normal highway speed at
just 96 Volts stock OEM configurationn
when you really CAN do the full 60-MPH
or beyond SPEED LIMIT????
Now installing a new EPC Junior
Batteries8, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Currently has various lead acid
batteries that have not been used in a
year or so. I plan on equalizing them
and installing a freewheel diode on the
motor to prevent voltage spikes back to
the controller.
System Voltage96 Volts
220 V/96 VDC/12 VDC
HeaterGasoline powered
DC/DC Converter
Alternator off of ad-hoc trailer hitch
mounted "re-gen" 5th-wheel brake.
InstrumentationJet Industries all original.
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
AccelerationGentle until battery voltage is raised up
to 120V or 144V. Robust after that time,
Rangeunknown at this time.
Watt Hours/Mileunknown at this time.
EV Miles
Start:9,800 Miles (15,768 Kilometers)
Current:9,800 Miles (15,768 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight2,400 Pounds (1,090 Kilograms)
The car currently has car started
batteries. I am sure the weight will
increase when I update the battery pack.
Tiressize 13
Conversion Timeunknown
Conversion CostSo far I traded a 1996 Subaru Impreza for
this car.
I hope to install 8 extra batteries and ultra capacitors for
extra range and extra top end speed giving it 192 Volt
battery pack when conversion is complete.

This car is one of two vehicles converted by Jet Industries
that was placed into the Auto museum in Auborn IN.

Any information to help in upgrading this vehicle to
drivability would be much appreciated. Just shoot me an

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